Hangzhou autumn travel season to come! Please remember these rules-truffe

Hangzhou autumn travel season to come! These rules should be kept in mind on (Saturday) to November 27th (Sunday), Hangzhou will implement traffic organization measures in the fall season. The reporter learned that, in addition to the West Lake scenic weekend implement danshuanghao limit line, the lake district surrounding roads will also implement measures forbidding part of the time in the weekend. Pictures from the network according to the regulations, autumn tourism season daily at 8:30 am to 17 PM, West Lake scenic North Road, Nanshan Road, Lake Road, yanggongdi ban high emission vehicles. During the autumn tourism season weekend, West Lake scenic area road to implement small single motor vehicle limit line measures. In addition, the traffic police department and the "zixuandongzuo": such as the autumn tourism season weekend daily at 8:30 to 21, Nanshan Road (jade mountain mouth to yanggongdi junction), tiger (Yang Gongdi run away to the intersection of nine Yao mountain tunnel section), mountain tunnel, lotus peak road vehicle one-way traffic implement nine Yao; autumn tourism season the weekend day at 8:30 am to 18 PM, three mountain (tiger run away to Longjing Road), Mei Ling Road (Ji Qingshan tunnel to Longjing junction) one-way traffic, Provinz prohibit vehicles from east to West (bus traffic and vehicle along the line unit). The police also will depend on the situation in the autumn tourism season weekend date daily 14 PM to 22 PM, weekdays 18 PM to 22 PM, take temporary control measures on roads around the lake district.相关的主题文章: