Harley hand to diffuse the design of 25 motorcycles which you prefer-aapt.exe

In the marvel 25 Harley motorcycle design you like which one lead: to celebrate the 75 anniversary of the birth of the image of Captain America, Harley Davidson with Marvel produced a customized version of the "The Strip glide" motorcycle, the car uses Captain America classic color and elements to create, achieved good sales. Recently, Harley and marvel together again, according to super heroes and villains in the marvel movie role 25 custom motorcycle design. (source: Mars Network) concerned about the public number, there are cavity tune, see more exciting original content! The design of the 25 motorcycles, each car design, color will be designed and selected according to the characters of super heroes and villains, the character of Halley’s different models together. Each custom bike models are based on the hero or villain characters choose different models, and the special pattern and color design, very good to hear or see. The project is only open to Australia and New Zealand, local residents can vote on the official website of their final Harley models, that is the opportunity to get a super hero customized version of Harley davidson. The 25 custom motorcycle, has very high collection value, let us first see it.相关的主题文章: