Henan tobacco system 60 cadres to the former director of bribery was dealt with – Sohu news sweets parade

Henan tobacco system 60 cadres to the former director of bribery buying Sohu news Beijing News News (reporter Wang Shu) – by August 26th, the National Bureau of drying out "on the special inspections rectification briefing" on 2012 was suspected to disclose: the Henan province bureau is mainly responsible for the original Zheng Jianmin bribery 60 cadres buying further, made a serious treatment, for 49 people (including 1 level cadres) the party discipline responsibility to the 16 party organization; (5 people investigated party discipline responsibility at the same time), of which 3 were dismissed, 1 level cadres switched to non leadership positions, 12 people were transferred gang. Zheng Jianmin, former director of Henan Provincial Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2014. Public resume shows that he served as director of the Xinzheng cigarette factory in 1985, served as director of the period, mango has become one of the country’s largest production and sales of the brand. Zheng Jianmin became the national labor medal winner. The court found that Zheng Jianmin and several others received cash, gift cards, photographic equipment, watches, gold bars and other houses, equivalent to 28 million 223 thousand and 500 yuan, the other received $35 thousand and 800 yuan, Euro 11 thousand and 200 yuan, 650 thousand yuan for others. The bribery bribes amounted to nearly 30 million yuan. In 2014 the trial, marketing center exposed Henan tobacco company Shi Jianchao, former director of the Jiaozuo Municipal Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, former director Li Guangming told Zheng Jianmin bribery. The inspection rectification briefing shows that in order to promote the system of tobacco officials Zheng Jianmin bribery, up to 60 people. The central inspection teams had pointed out that the National Tobacco Bureau Beijing office and entertainment become". In this regard, the National Tobacco Bureau admitted that the Provincial Tobacco Monopoly Bureau had rented a villa in Beijing is high, the relevant personnel disposition has been. As of July 31st, the National Bureau of the 53 Beijing office has been revoked. Report also mentioned that the tobacco bureau and 8 professional companies issued 245 thousand yuan sponsorship fee of nursery school children; Provincial Tobacco Monopoly Bureau built the Lake Jingpo in Mudanjiang "employee training center". The tobacco bureau Party said, these problems have been processed, the nursery school children sponsorship has been repaying to recover, the Lake Jingpo is located in the scenic "staff training center" has been listed for sale. The notification also shows that, during the inspection rectification, the tobacco system 5 directly under the provincial unit leaders are accountable, 7 is not suitable as the current municipal leaders were transferred gang.相关的主题文章: