Hepu sister Tan Yin was nominated for Miss Asia avbox

Hepu Mei Tan Ru Yin won the Asian Football Miss nominated Hepu newspaper (reporter correspondent Deng Shenglong Liao Lieyang) the afternoon of November 9th, the AFC news: during the world cup in Brazil, due to a distance of 40 metres at entry lob pass of the Hepu town women’s international blockbuster Tan Ru Yin for this year’s Asian Football miss Ma Xiaoxu nomination, this is following the 2006 won the honor of the women’s China again after a lapse of ten years, is expected to receive this award. In the afternoon, the AFC announced this year, the Asian Football Miss candidates, China women’s midfielder Tan Ruyin and Australian Caitlin Ford and Lisa · · Wanade list. This year, 22 year old Tan Ru Yin was born in Hepu County yamaguchi. 2010, selected China youth football team; in 2014, Chinese selected the National Women’s football team. Has been awarded the national U20 women’s "best player" title. In this year’s Brazil Olympic women’s football match against South Africa, Tan Ruyin in the circle near the foot of super long distance line, across the South Africa football goalkeeper heads and into the net. In the women’s China nearly two years of the world cup, Olympic preliminaries and Olympic Games, Tan Ruyin is one of the few players, play all the games. Previously, the women’s international Ma Xiaoxu who in 2006 won the title of Miss Asian football.相关的主题文章: