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Heshun Town, streets and lanes you find old times – Sohu and tourism town located in Yunnan province Tengchong County suburbs, the specific range belongs to the southwest of Yunnan, near the Burma border area is here. With the most humane landscape and historic sites, Yunnan province belongs to the minority nationalities live in different areas, and the Han nationality residence, belong to the complete Han ethnic style, with the surrounding minority a joint ingredients are not. It was built in the Ming Dynasty, because there is a river at the edge of the town, called the "CIS", is very simple and easy to understand. This is a very characteristic, very cultural, very charming remote town. It was originally formed in the Ming Dynasty, is the first sergeant garrison guarding the border, in order to safeguard stability and the introduction of a large number of Sichuan, South and Central Plains people began their offspring village, not satisfied with the remote southwest corner, and have "Yi Fang", to become rich overseas business. Earn money abroad feel insecure, have homecoming, at home with a beautiful house built, the result has left the traditional houses up to more than 1 thousand seats, of which there are more than and 100 residential buildings in the Qing dynasty. And is known as the China ancient buildings "living fossil", was named one of the China ten charming towns. Walking in the streets and in the lane, seems to go on the road, on the side of the past, is years, everything can be traced back to a very long time, every piece of tile seems to have touched the history and story. "Sunflower" has 130 years of history, but not the most in Heshun old buildings. This house is built in honor of his early years, go to the barbarians, doing business in Burma, to go home after the money to build the village, the old man also likes to do good deeds, relief civilians also support politicians. It is interesting that he has no party, not only help the revolutionary party, also help the royalists, the family has two pieces of revolutionary party Mr. Sun Zhongshan will also have the inscription, written by Kang Youwei, the royalist antithetical couplet. The house with the wood of the Burma, according to Huizhou style meticulously, strong anti eight earthquake, the most characteristic is the use of the more than and 40 fan by the British purchased iron panes, now see wrought iron window without what, but that is definitely a rarity, is to have the money but also people have eyes. The whole building is a magnificent wooden carving of Jianchuan, completely is the tall house. Home and a hundred years ago the old man took a huge photo, is said to have had to go to Shanghai to shoot. One hundred years ago, Shanghai photography has such a high level, is completely international standards of "flower gate" has more than 200 years of history. Old master told me is the overseas business, earn money home to cover the entire wooden structure of the house. The house has three floors, courtyard housing structure, not only has the advantages of compact structure, exquisitely carved. The owner said their family is good, after the liberation has not been driven out, also let the house escape. And I have a lot of old houses, because of idle or unattended, slow down. And most of the old house is a wooden structure, wooden tenon structure is due to the traditional technology, plus material and construction and so these old houses can still continue to use for one hundred or two hundred years. CIS is the hometown of overseas Chinese, too.相关的主题文章: