Hill will continue to move to Qingdao, the press conference to tell you the answer-alienware m17x

Alexander will continue moving to Qingdao conference you tell you the answer is located in Jimo Bay, the Aoshan Qingdao campus of Shandong University, before officially opened, many Ji’nan residents can not help but think: Alexander will continue moving to Qingdao? Will not shake the status of Ji’nan campus? These problems, in the 23 day of the mountain Qingdao campus conference has been found to find the answer. The previously determined moved to Qingdao life college, School of information and computer science, College of Environmental Sciences, School of law, School of politics and public administration and other 6 colleges and national glycoengineering research center and 8 research institutions. Currently, the mountain Qingdao campus of the 6 colleges and universities have a total of 1007 freshmen. Next year, the 6 College Students in Ji’nan campus, the whole system will be relocated to the Qingdao campus. President Zhang Rong said that the overall development strategy of the Qingdao campus is incremental development, not a short time from the relocation of the new Ji’nan College planning." The future of the Qingdao campus will develop new disciplines, such as the creation of marine disciplines, the German Institute, the new wealth management institute and the school of government management. He said the Qingdao campus will recruit overseas students more, the campus building a important training base for international students. Although hundreds of kilometers away from Ji’nan, but the heritage of the university culture and infiltration can also be carried out through a variety of channels. School, Qingdao campus colleges to select outstanding teachers for teaching, and according to the Ji’nan campus course timetabling model, to ensure the teaching work without distortion and aliasing. In the construction of information technology, Qingdao campus has achieved a network, card". Zhang Rong said, the school will open a high-speed network in Qingdao, Ji’nan and Weihai, so as to ensure that all students can in any campus classes, teachers can achieve with three campuses and curriculum teaching, and students interact. Source: daily life相关的主题文章: