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Home-Securtiy When thinking about protecting one’s home with home protection cameras, expensive .es to mind. Yes home security cameras can be expensive, but knowing that everything is caught on camera is a relief. When your home is burglarized it is not a good feeling. Especially when the police tell you they have done all they could do. Home protection cameras are not expensive as some would think they. The prices range from a hundred bucks to thousands. This article would love to convince you the urgency of installing home security cameras, but reality not every one wants to pay for security and peace of mind. If money is tight but the idea is still a great one. Why not have or install dummy cameras? The idea behind a dummy camera is just scaring away would be home invaders. The look, the feel of a home security camera system with out the bill. Most burglars case the homes they are going to break into. If they see you have home protection cameras they will scratch your house off the list. Even those burglars that live on the edge and pick random homes to steal from, once they see that dummy camera flashing its red light warning them it is on, they will walk away. People in nature tend to act totaly different when they think someone is watching. Whether that person is a criminal or a saint. They still act different. So whether you want to install a full home protection camera system or install a dummy camera, the satisfaction in knowing someone is wathcing is a big relief. So what is a dummy camera? It is a empty surviellance camera that looks like a real camera. It has a red light that is powered by batteries, this red light makes the camera appear to be on, watching and recording. The camera though not a .plete functioning home protection camera still protects your home by persuading the would be thieves to walk away. This article is to advise on home protection systems. To clarify that even though you do not want to install a security systems because you cant afford it, there are other cheaper options. The home protection camera that really is a dummy camera . About the Author: 相关的主题文章: