How slow your child eats, how anxious you are!! Sohu –

How slow your child eats, how anxious you are!! Sohu – mother and child is a school season, before dinner was chasing ass over run bear children grew up. On the school is not the same, and now will "eat"! But don’t chase feeding children for a new way to torture their parents, that is to eat slowly, super slow! Slow heart anxious! Those who have alarmed faint cry in the table of parents to wake up today, iuette teach to teach you how to let the children eat to enhance speed, let Hello planning time. 1 eat enough time, in general, the normal meal time is 30 to 45 minutes, but the children will eat slowly. Therefore, in order not to make the time is urgent, the best way is to eat time in advance, but also adjust the expectations of the child. So you can relax with the children, the children can better according to their own rhythm to eat. Of course, this is not an indulgent way, but to give the child a good bedding. Table 2 is urging children at the dinner table, some parents do not energetically urged children to eat, but to guide children to pay attention to their own eating speed in at leisure. We can try to tell children when after dinner, a busy day, parents have to clear the table, tidying up very tired, or let them join after finishing work. This will make them understand that eating time can not be endless, because there is no need to make time to do after dinner. 3 more concerned about and accompany the child’s parents may not know, some children will eat slowly, just enjoy the time, I hope the attention of parents on their own. Yes, if you work very busy, can not always accompany the child, then the child is slow to eat most of the reasons for this. So, be sure to spend as much time as possible with your children. Before meals, after meals to interact with the children, so that children know that eating time is not the only time to be close to their parents. 4 do not let the food become a burden on the child if you always complain about the children at the dinner table for too long, the child may be invisible pressure. You push the child, the child will feel that they are manipulated, subconsciously will be with you against the force, deliberately slow to eat. Therefore, in the meal, we must give the child to provide a comfortable environment. At the same time, to ensure that children eat healthy and nutritious food, according to research, according to the study, eating healthy food every day can reduce the negative behavior of children caused by low blood sugar fluctuations. 5 prohibit the use of electronic products at the time of eating, sometimes watching TV while eating, playing with the phone is bound to slow down the speed of eating. Therefore, parents must first make a good example, when eating is to eat time, is the time of the family together, can not be disturbed by the outside world, turn off the TV and mobile phones, focus on eating. At the same time you can also prepare meals, the children want to eat what, you can also increase the child’s exercise, so as to improve the child’s appetite. Small excellent saying: children are all need to teach, no!相关的主题文章: