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How to avoid being a car pit? You should pay attention to three points – Sohu auto weekly hot list, for the election of the car is one of the most difficult part of the column, is the DearAuto exchange group to discuss the hottest issues list. The hottest TOP 1 Q:DearAuto Hello, recently to start FAW TOYOTA corolla, this is the dealer’s offer, can you help me take a look? A: as the saying goes, the information asymmetry earn money best, the users are estimated for the first time to buy a car, will be sold under closer scrutiny, the price is tricky. The price discount rate to specific businesses talk, but the service fees and insurance was 5000 yuan, while the card is fooled fee, there are 3000 yuan loan fee, insurance fee 6400 yuan. First the licensing fee, the administration regulations on new car costs include the cost of testing, the new car line extension, pay fees and photographic licence fees for car. The on-line detection costs generally around 100 yuan, 38 yuan, the extension of photography, vehicle license plate (reflective) 100 yuan, 15 yuan for the motor vehicle license, vehicle temporary registration certificate fee of 10 yuan, 5 yuan, with a temporary license plate vehicle licence fee 20 yuan, fees add up to a total of 300 yuan. As for the loan fee, the dealer will generally say that the money is to be received by the bank, and in fact is the 4S store in the collection. If you want to avoid their own fees to brush credit card is also OK, car loan interest rates are generally more than six percent points, but different bank rates are different. However, most manufacturers now have a year of financial interest free services, such as the loan of 50000 yuan, a year interest can save $3000, oh? Not with fees offset? The correct way is to borrow as much as possible. The total price of $one hundred thousand a year to 6400 yuan of insurance premiums, is certainly expensive, because there is no clear list of insurance, so can not be fully analyzed. It is noted that the loan to buy a car will be forced to buy pilfer, not forced to buy insurance. The hottest issue TOP 2 Q: no ESP is not safe? A:ESP is a bit like the nature of the airbag, the majority of owners have never used, but when you can use to help you save the situation. No ESP, in an emergency avoidance vehicle trajectory, easily out of control. In Europe and the United States, ESP has been forced to install the configuration. I personally recommend the election as far as possible to choose the car ESP. The heat TOP 3 Q: the Japanese car I am going to buy a not bad, Teana and Ralink recommend which? A: the space is spacious, or Tiida, and boot it. Open up, steering and chassis leiling is significantly better than that, but the Tiida was better than Linghao silent thunder. The quality of CVT, transmission efficiency low Tiida has been a problem. Lei Ling recently also complained that the gearbox failure. If you prefer to personalize, pay attention to driving, I prefer to choose Lei ling. If you just want to have a family car with no desire and no need!相关的主题文章: