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Health Here’s a great way to lose weight and keep it off: Instead of eating "3 square" meals, try breaking up your food intake in 6 smaller meals. This is the best way to lose FAT and maintain your lean tissue without feeling hungry… One of the better illustrations of this concept .es from the animal kingdom: Bears have a lot of fat because they need it in order to survive long starvation periods (like a hybernation). Deers are "lean and mean" as they tend to chew all day and have small,frequent meals. Yes, I know that animals and humans have different DNAs but the point is still a valid one. When many people try to lose weight, they tend to say "I will skip dinner" – and they will also skip breakfast since "they don’t have the time" to prepare it. This could mean that they go for up to 12 hours without eating anything. This is the exact type of situation that would make their body say something like: "Hey, where has all the food gone? This must be an emergency. I had better stick to my fat reserves and slow down my metabolism so that I don’t waste away. My fat reserves contain more calories than my muscle tissue – so, I will sacrifice the muscle and keep on my beloved fat." It’s very interesting to observe how the human body reacts in time of emergency – but believe it or not, muscle tuissue is considered "expendable" and fat is considered "vital". This is the exact OPPOSITE of what we want… Now, let’s see the right way to do it: Let’s say that you need 2000 calories a day in order to maintain your weight. If you want to lose weight, you can start consuming SLIGHTLY less calories than that – say 1800 – but you will break them up in 6 meals of 300 calories (for simplicity’s shake). Because your body will be receiving calories and nutrients every few hours, it will say: "Hey, I’m getting food all the time. It seems that nutrients are readily available. There’s no reason to do away with the lean muscle tissue. But I can definitelly start .ing back to my ‘normal’ weight." As an overweight person, you are above your ideal weight. Your body WILL try to .e back to its normal, healthy weight IF you give it a chance and do things properly… About the Author: 相关的主题文章: