How to use the test team to let the football Hengda fox into a big family rather than a one-man show-mkdv-02

How to use the test team to let the football Hengda fox into a big family rather than a one-man show Lippi reporter Cheng Shan reported in October 28th that Lippi took office on the conference, the new national team list, there are two key points: first, Lippi’s expression in the list have been identified, but only after the last round to see if someone hurt again and second, national football club can confirm; the list will be called into the more Guangzhou Hengda players, Hengda team formed the national team. On the second point, Lippi made a lot of explanation: "look at other countries, many of the great national team, all from the same club recruited a team of six or seven players, as the foundation of the national team. As a result of these choices, because the players are playing together for a long time, they are very familiar with the national team. The first game, we have to consider the safety and insurance, and therefore will consider more players called hengda……" Considering the urgency and the familiarity with the international Lippi competition, the national team Lippi first in Hengda team formed, is the most correct choice, such as Lippi mentioned the victory between thinking, but also includes its own strength, Hengda Hengda international striker and Lippi’s double to the familiar, in time to prepare more tense situation next, the other top players to the club collocation of individual Hengda lineup is most easily, the formation of combat. From the national team in the past situation, Lippi’s approach is not fresh, from the beginning of the Camacho era national team, Hengda international has been the main force of the national team, the 11 international, Hengda Hengda international contract line, became the card army norm, it is interesting, since early 2013, with 11 international trip to Spain game Camacho also caused when rival coach Lippi discontent, Camacho on his response: "when I went to Guangzhou China, only four or five players, then they signed with other players, they almost signed our whole team, how can I do? For me, if a team of all international signed, and is not my responsibility. Since last year, Hengda signed 7 players, including Rong Hao, Huang Bowen, was signed after they become international. If the next four, Hengda to sign our international, this is not my control." Because too many international, Hengda also created international monitoring group, the monitoring group in the Perrin cup era still active, because of Perrin’s national team, Hengda international 7 is almost standard, which lasted until the second time Gao Hongbo coached the national football competition in October period, the minimum number of selected constant big feet, has reached five. As Camacho said, Hengda concentrated high level of domestic players, so that any coach can only choose to do this. Lippi served as football coach, constant power reuse scripts in the logical but no ground for blame, Hengda football Xuanshuai process in force, but let all become embarrassed. This is indeed the help and support Hengda, Hengda initiative to lift the original contract with Lippi’s work, and in the communication between the Chinese Football Association and Lippi played a bridge role. From the legal perspective, Hengda club and Lippi, Chinese Football Association and Lippi signed contract, and Lippi Hengda foot school.相关的主题文章: