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.puters-and-Technology Enterprises are finding it extremely difficult to make full use of big data, both structured and unstructured that is floating in the enterprises network and continuing to increase in size. Moreover, enterprise storage environments have data .ing in the form of social media content, audio and video files, email, text messages, image files, documents, transactional information, and more. Apart from that large .munication networks, finance departments and service departments are also generating hundreds of data daily. If there is no pervasive use of the data, it is really useless. Thus, to get value out of this big data, enterprises need powerful Big Data analytics tools that can deliver much more than the regular Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) that were designed only for online transaction processing (OLTP) and structured data. HP Vertica Analytics Platform for interactive real-time analytics enables your enterprise to unify your structured, unstructured, and semi-structured dataand make all your information matter. HP Vertica Analytics Platform: * Is a real-time analytics database platform purpose-built for Big Data. * Improves performance by optimizing data for faster analysis. * Is scalable and massively parallel processing (MPP) systems built for .modity hardware and low cost processing of Big Data. * Supports standards like SQL, JDBC, ODBC, and R for data analysis. * Makes it easier for organization to preserve your existing business intelligence (BI) investments. * Custom built for high-performance analytics. * Reduces the time required to extract knowledge from your data, creating more business opportunities to mo.ize your data. * Provides improved insight into customer behaviors. * Helps gain greater financial insights. Apart from handling huge volumes of data, HP Vertica easily integrates with Cassandra, MapReduce and Hadoop open source platform to provide powerful data analytic capabilities. .anizations looking to implement HP Vertica practices should partner with expert consultants having hands on Vertica expertise and can help with customized implementation and optimization to accelerate data loading to HP Vertica from disparate sources. HP Vertica platform maximizes the use and analysis based on customers requirement. Their dedicated and trained staffs can help customers with tailored solutions to help them migrate off their current data store or implement Vertica from the ground up. With inside knowledge of all the adjustments needed they can ensure that Vertica is finely tuned for the utmost performance. Thus leveraging HP Vertica can help take Big Data analytics to a new level of usability and performance. The technology integration with HP Vertica is designed to accelerate data loading processes so HP Vertica customers can gain faster business value from Big Data Analytics initiatives. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: