Hu Jiuming was appointed secretary of the Hubei municipal Party committee Xiantao nominated d

Hu Jiuming was appointed secretary of the Hubei municipal Party committee Xiantao   nominated director of Municipal People’s Congress candidate, local leaders — August 31 Beijing Xinhua (Tang Jiayi) according to the Xiantao government network news, the morning of August 25th, Xiantao municipal Party committee held a meeting of the standing committee. Commissioned by the Hubei provincial Party Committee Organization Department, municipal committee, Organization Department of provincial Party committee secretary Bai Chao announced on Hu Jiuming’s office decided: Comrade Hu Jiuming Xiantao Municipal Committee of the CPC, nominated for the Xiantao people’s Congress candidate. In June this year, the Hubei provincial Party Committee Organization Department has issued before any publicity, Feng Yunqiao aspiring provincial units the rank of leading cadres. In August, due to poor leadership, dereliction of duty in the disposal of major mass incidents in Xiantao, causing adverse effects, the Hubei provincial Party committee decided to remove Xiantao municipal Party committee secretary Feng Yunqiao (Deputy departmental level) post, terminate the appointment and promotion procedures, arrange work. The resume of Hu Jiuming Hu Jiuming Hu Jiuming, male, Han nationality, born in September 1969, Hubei City, January 1991 Chinese joined the Communist Party, to work in July 1991, graduated from Zhongnan Institute of economic law department, Huazhong University of Science and Technology mba. 1987.09 South Africa Institute of Political Science (now Zhongnan University of Economics and Law) General Office of economic law economic law majors Secretary of the 1991.07 Wuhan Municipal People’s Procuratorate, member of the 1994.11 Wuhan Municipal People’s Procuratorate Deputy procurator of the 1997.03 Hubei Provincial Office of 1998.04 deputy director of the Hubei Provincial Office Director General Office of the 1999.10 Hubei provincial office zhengkeji Office of the Hubei provincial Party committee deputy secretary 2001.03 2004.03 level Secretary General Office of Hubei provincial Party committee secretary level (2003.09-2006.03, 2006.03-2007.09, vice mayor of Xiantao attachment, sending Wuhan city commercial bureau deputy director, Party members; 2007.09-2008.12, sending Wuhan City Business Bureau deputy director, Party members) 2008.12 Hubei province Yunxian County Deputy Secretary, on behalf of the county of Hubei Province in 2009.02 Yunxian County Deputy Secretary of the county 2011.09 Hubei province Yunxian county Party Secretary 2 Secretary Deputy Secretary of Shiyan city in Hubei province 14.12 Yunyang 2015.09 party secretary of Hubei provincial public security bureau Party committee, director of the Political Department of Hubei province 2016.07 2016.08 Hubei province Xiantao Xiantao municipal Party ( as of August 2016) more channel original more personnel click query related news and more information on local leaders:   (commissioning editor: Tang Jiayi, Ma Liya)相关的主题文章: