Inner Mongolia about 400000 college students to accept innovation and Entrepreneurship Education – I-chompoo araya

Inner Mongolia about 400000 college students entrepreneurship education — Inner Mongolia Channel – October 12th, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region universities to deepen reform and innovation and entrepreneurship education status and initiatives held a press conference in Hohhot. Announced at the meeting since 2015, the results of innovation and entrepreneurship education reform in higher education institutions. Up to now, a total of more than 40 accept the innovation and entrepreneurship education of the college students. In 2016, the autonomous region invested special funds, support the implementation of the regional level innovation plan of university student "200," national innovation plan "51. It is reported that, at present, the region has been the construction of national experimental teaching demonstration center 9, provincial experimental teaching demonstration center 61; there are 5 colleges set up business college; undergraduate colleges have completed school education practice base 847. Higher vocational colleges have built 1958 practice and training bases in the campus, and the base of the outside school practice and training base is 1983. Among them, the construction of an area of 1024 acres in the autonomous region of the University of science and Technology Park and the autonomous region college students entrepreneurship park. Since 2015, held a total of two "Internet plus" innovation and entrepreneurship contest for students and higher vocational colleges occupation skill competition. 2016 college students innovation and entrepreneurship contest, a total of 10 colleges and universities in Inner Mongolia autonomous region to participate in the national games. The region’s colleges and universities innovative talent training model, using a variety of ways to carry out collaborative education. Among them, there are 13 colleges and universities to carry out school cooperation, the formation of the scale of cooperation projects 39; there are 14 colleges and universities to carry out cooperation in schools, has formed a scale of cooperation projects of the 5. The next step, Inner Mongolia in preparation for the "13th Five-Year" period, and the construction of a number of national and provincial experimental teaching demonstration center. Among them, the 2016 construction of 7 provincial experimental teaching demonstration center, built in 2020, the autonomous region level experimental teaching demonstration center 30. The region’s colleges and universities and the backbone of Higher Vocational Colleges and universities to build the model of innovation and entrepreneurship education practice base of not less than 2000 square meters. In 2016, the autonomous region level arrangements for the implementation of "a plan" 200, to 2020, the cumulative completion of the autonomous region "a plan" 1000. From 2016 onwards, the region’s undergraduate colleges and universities on the basis of the full implementation of the reform of the credit system, and then carry out the reform of the credit system in the 15 model backbone vocational colleges. By the end of 2017, colleges and universities have established the system of accumulation and transformation of innovation and entrepreneurship. (Zhou Ting Liu Hui) (commissioning editor Zhang Xuedong and Liu Ze)相关的主题文章: