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Inverted corner electricity supplier outbreak intelligent warehouse storage innovation capital coveted Chen Shanshan [whether domestic or foreign, automatic warehouse is the trend of the future eleven] before and after the Shanghai Songjiang District block covers an area of 20 thousand square meters warehouse is still brightly lit, here, the bags of food, a piece of clothing in the automatic transmission belt transfer, they are cut the hand of the party who took the "double 11" promotional merchandise. A few days ago, Shanghai Wynwood Mdt InfoTech Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "sku360") founder Shengda in Song double 11 to make preparations, "one day is expected to handle 1 million to 2 million pieces, is usually several times daily processing volume." Shengda Song told reporters, but is also at this time, fully automated intelligent warehouse advantage was more prominent. Not the same as a warehouse warehouse, the dogs, a dozen forklift plus hundreds of sorting, handling, packing workers, this is a true portrayal of the traditional warehouse, automatic intelligent warehouse is completely different, in a warehouse in Songjiang, the shelf partitions according to the timeliness of goods shipped, one is rotating the shelf, mainly used for immediate delivery, the second is the storage shelf, comprising a feed box and tray, mainly used for temporary storage of continuous replenishment of goods, third is the open shelves, for a single product or other promotional explosion when the artificial selection. Which areas are the different products in? This is determined by the computer software based on the inventory of goods in the storage area to determine the inventory situation. Need to choose distribution, the software will automatically trigger the corresponding goods storage and transfer, in accordance with the order selection logic for different orders designed transmission path fixed, these goods will eventually converge to the front of the personnel responsible for picking. This is the so-called "sorting" goods "in 2012, Amazon’s $775 million acquisition of Kiva robotic company, in fact represents from the traditional" people find goods "change to" cash "picking, can significantly improve the sorting efficiency, and improve the accuracy of single per hour can reach 1000 time picking operation, is 10 times the traditional warehouse." Shengda Song told reporters, which is particularly suitable for attention of electricity sales channels of the company, these companies do not lack front-end sales, but the executive order delivery back but can not keep up, especially when the goods before the big promotion, rent a warehouse or warehouse, keep a few dogs, storage and distribution patterns of ten have begun to hire 35 become stretched, each of which is to double eleven big promotion day, spread all kinds of goods warehouse warehouse explosion causes even wrong consumer goods. It sounds easy, but the new intelligent warehouse to make such a massive order have elastic work and daily circulation of 200 thousand order processing ability, need is a series of hardware and software support. "First of all hardware devices need to be advanced, can only be imported from abroad, because of high complexity, there is no precedent in the domestic installation, the installation of the equipment are imported from abroad, the relevant standards are not reference hydro power in china." Song Shengda said, more complex is the design of software system, and not turnkey engineering.相关的主题文章: