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UnCategorized Watch out ladies and gentlemen, as your living room is about to heat up. The beautiful socialite and model, Jennifer Braff is about to grace your television screens on NBC’s newest reality show, ‘Age of Love.’ Premiering June 18th at 10pm, this show promises to be a hot one and seems to be a cross between ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘Average Joe.’ Thirteen women, ranging in age from 21 to 48, will be vying for the attention of one handsome star; tennis pro Mark Philippoussis, a 31-year old from Melbourne, Australia. Hosted by Mark Consuelos of All My Children, this promises to showcase eye candy for everyone. Mark has reached the pinnacle of his professional tennis career and is now lacking only one thing; the perfect woman. He is looking for Miss Right to share in his ups and downs, adventures, and life with his 4-year old Rotweiller pup, Kia. .ing from humble beginnings, Mark has told People Magazine that he is a "simple guy looking for a simple girl." With a hand-picked lineup of gorgeous women, including professional model, Jennifer Braff, one has to wonder if there will be any ‘simple’ women on the show. It appears as though love might be oblivious to age, but it certainly is not blind. At the core, the premise of the series is not a new one; one man being fawned over by a pool of gorgeous women, the ultimate goal for the man to find a woman that he enjoys enough that he’s willing to give a relationship with her a chance. What makes this show different is that this time, the pool of women will have an age span of almost three decades and the man isn’t going to know it. The show is based on the latest phenomenon of younger men dating older women; if it works for Ashton and Demi, why not Mark Philippoussis? More than just a show, this will also be a social experiment of sorts, hopefully answering the question, at least for one couple, "When it .es to falling in love, does age really matter?" Admittedly, NBC has set the stage for drama by labeling the fun loving and enthusiastic twenty-somethings as "Kittens" and the more refined and sophisticated forty-somethings as "Cougars." For those who love drama, this should be a primetime event. In true reality-dating show style, the group will be narrowed each week as Mark picks and chooses who will stay and who will go. In the end, only one woman can win Mark’s heart and both he and the viewers will discover if love is truly ageless. Who will Mark choose? It’s hard to say. In an interview with People Magazine, he admits that until now, he’s never dated a woman older than him. In fact, the closest in age he’s ever been to a female counterpart is 4 years. With all the hype of women aging and looking spectacular doing it, will Mark choose a 40-something for the sake of television ratings? Or will he return to the skin he’s currently .fortable with? Turn to NBC on June 18th and watch the drama unfold. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: