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Jiangsu practice " four speak four " report; advanced typical mission to Nanjing to preach, people.com.cn Jiangsu window — people.com.cn original title: practice? Four Thursday? Report advanced typical mission to preach the Nanjing in September 29th, the practice of "four lecture four" advanced typical report group to Ning Xuan speak deeds. Before the meeting, Provincial Committee and party secretary Huang Li met with the new members of the report group, to learn advanced models, consciously strengthen the standard look bad, "Four Haves" qualified members of the ideological consciousness and conscious action, to make new and greater contributions to accelerate the construction of "strong rich makall" new Nanjing. Municipal People’s Congress Chairman Chen Shaoze attended the meeting, deputy secretary of the municipal Party Committee presided over the meeting longxiang. Zhu Jinsong, deputy director of the provincial Party committee office. Huang Lixin on behalf of the Municipal Committee to welcome the arrival of the report. She said that the strength of the example is endless, advanced models are visible example, according to the mirror. The Ning 5 report group members, is an outstanding representative of the province’s outstanding communist party members and party workers. Although the report group members from different fields and different positions in their respective positions, but made extraordinary achievements, reflect a firm belief in the ideals of enterprising spirit, dedication to the work of high quality, is a vivid interpretation of the four students, showing the Communist Party members in new period style, is an example and our learning model. Huang Lixin pointed out that, at present, Nanjing is in accordance with the requirements of the central and provincial deployment, focusing on the implementation of the four comprehensive strategic layout, accelerate the development of the five economy, and actively promote the construction of the "city". The majority of the city’s Communist Party members to seriously study the advanced deeds report group members, to advanced models as a mirror to emulate, ideals and faith, strenuous enterprising, strict in cultivating self-discipline, courage to assume responsibility, "four lecture four" qualified party, make greater contribution to the construction of new Nanjing. The report of the meeting, the national outstanding communist party member, Nanjing Chenguang Refco Group Ltd servo assembly, super technician Wang Nanshi; the national outstanding party workers, Yangzhou City, Guangling Qujiang District Wenchang street community garden party secretary Zheng Xiang; the province’s outstanding party workers, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics Xu Chuan School of energy and power; the province’s outstanding communist party members, Nanjing Municipal People’s Procuratorate two director Yu Hong; the outstanding communist party member, Party branch secretary, CSIC 702nd Institute of four deputy director Ye Cong and other 5 members of the report group were telling their stories. 5 advanced typical report caused a strong resonance of the participants. We have said, these are the typical things around them around, to carefully study them to their ideals and faith, strengthen the party spirit, strive for innovation work, based on the job dedication to work, contribute to the construction of new Nanjing. The report will be held in the form of a teleconference. City four sets of team leaders, municipal court, city procuratorate responsible comrades; municipal government ministries and commissions, the city directly under the party committees are mainly responsible comrades attended the meeting. District four team leaders, district management unit is mainly responsible for the comrades and representatives of some grass-roots party organizations in the District branch to listen to the report. (Mao Qing)相关的主题文章: