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Jiangxi province Consumers Association issued consumer alerts the elderly should be careful to buy health care products Nanchang news network the autumn season, all kinds of health food also entered the hot season, some unscrupulous businesses use the elderly love psychological health care products, take gifts of medicine "disguised" free trial "and" experts "," free draw "and other forms of propaganda effect of health care products by elderly consumers buy health care products will The name falls short of the reality., or when the use of drugs to the elderly, so that consumers suffer economic loss, even delaying the disease cure. On the Double Ninth Festival is approaching, Jiangxi province Consumers Association issued consumer alerts to remind the elderly consumers in the purchase of health products, be sure to stay in mind, do not blindly believe that the illegal business of false propaganda. Pay attention to the difference of health food health food and drugs is a kind of food, in common with the general food, can regulate the body’s functions, applicable to specific food groups, but can not cure the disease, its mark is sky blue design, a health food ", commonly known as" blue hat". The drug is used for the prevention, treatment and diagnosis of human diseases, the purpose of regulating the physiological function of the human body and provides indications or indications function, usage and dosage of substances. Drug packaging must be marked as "Zhunzi" approval number. Not only do not mistake the elderly health food as a drug to buy, but the best from the regular channels to buy health food. The approval number of the purchase to recognize health food identification and product ("Guo Shi Jian Yu" or "No.534"). Each health food approval number corresponds to only one product. If consumers find an approval number corresponding to a plurality of products, in the market must be careful, you can visit the State Food and Drug Administration website () "real data query" column query products. Do not believe the hype of the health care products advertising hype, claiming that there is a therapeutic effect or therapeutic effect, are not true, but also in violation of relevant laws and regulations. Health care products can not replace the therapeutic role of drugs. If health food packaging is printed on the "country food key word" words, and product brochures or advertising content and claimed to have medicinal effects, it can be sure the product specifications or the contents of advertisements are false and exaggerated propaganda ingredients, can not believe. Older consumers buy health food, should be based on their own health status, to choose, to rationally deal with business promotional activities, do not believe the unknown source or origin lectures or product promotion, beware of unscrupulous businessmen to "free trial" and "gifts" trick to consumer fraud. For home sales, but also can not be rushed to believe that their verbal commitment. Note that for safekeeping and purchase invoices and related documents do not believe the network and non store sales advertising, it is best to buy health care products, good reputation, have a fixed place of business license to complete the regular store. At the time of purchase should carefully check the package name and address, telephone number, date of production, whether the label is complete, to determine the function of health care products, and taken under the guidance of professionals. Be sure to carefully check the contents of the document, check the document recorded相关的主题文章: