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Jin Yong, Xu Zhimo, Wang Guowei’s common point is what? Haining – Sohu travel Zhejiang Haining, located in the north shore of the Qian Tang river. Haining tide has the reputation, Qiantang River tide every day, to the year the day on the 18th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar in particular, the ancient Qiantang River Chaozhi suffered from Yanguan town has now become a scenic spot. In addition to the tide, another symbol of Haining is probably the leather city. At least in the Jiangnan area, Haining leather city’s popular name. Want to know Haining, may wish to start from the ancient town of salt officials. Haining style prosperity, celebrity men, Jin Yong, Xu Zhimo and Wang Guowei are from Haining, here is the hometown of jiangnan. Salt city close to Qiantang River, has two thousand years of history, as early as the Han Dynasty began to salt salt salt, hence the name. There is a temple of the sea salt, but the sea temple seems extraordinary, non Temple Temple, like Gong Fei palace, built ten years of emperor Yong Zheng in June 1st, the sea temple hall or the Qing dynasty built, and some other buildings were later rebuilt. Yanguan near Qiantang River estuary, local people fishing for a living, pray for the safe return of the sea, will hold a grand ceremony to worship Poseidon every year. A lot of people know Jin Yong, but do not know that Haining is Zhejiang, Jin Yong. Jin Yong was born in Jiangxi Wuyuan, formerly known as Louis Cha, seventeen yuan positive (1357) due to avoid bingluan moved to Haining yuan hua. Jin Yong is located in Yanguan college within the ancient city of the Qing Dynasty, referring to the most famous scientist Ruan Yuan founded in Yanguan Alan college building, a comprehensive display of Jin Yong’s academic achievements, careful collection of his works and related research. Jin Yong college in accordance with the construction of Jiangnan garden style, corridor doors and windows carved furniture decorative rustic charm. Like Jin Yong’s martial arts novels must be familiar with this pair of couplets, but this is a novel with the title of the martial arts novels of Jin Yong, a couplet, and I am also the calligraphy of the people of the United States, I am also a calligraphy. Jin Yong college in the small garden, lush green bamboo, the path twists and turns, this is the Jiangnan fine, walk in the rain in a more artistic. Rockery pavilions, trees and flowers, small college like another world. "The wind light flower gas Fu; shallow water clear moonlight", read the novels of Jin Yong, seemed to feel the style of decorous ancient Jiangnan garden. On the salt city tower, a long stone street winds, the roadside is uneven fenqiangdaiwa the old house, although under a light rain, still can not stop the enthusiasm of tourists. There are countless shops on this street, Haining shadow play Museum, the ancient brothel has come to an end, and Chen Ge house, is a scenic spot within the city’s most famous salt. There are many restaurants on the street, want to know what Yanguan delicacy, here to see clearly. Cylinder meat is necessary for each restaurant, visitors will come to the salt officer will taste. The street brothel seems a long history, reputation is not small, when shooting "the deer", Yangzhou Li Chun academy is actually here framing. Now the brothel still attracts many tourists, mostly on -相关的主题文章: