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Kinder chocolate traced with carcinogens in China there is no mineral oil limited yesterday, a netizen in Changzhou local posting on the site, called "originating from Germany’s kinder chocolate known as designed for children to create, but the alleged carcinogens, many children like Changzhou." Yangzi Evening News reporter then visited a number of supermarkets in Changzhou, found in the high-end chocolate shelf, which is still in the sale of chocolate. Experts said that the current packaging materials are contaminated by mineral oil, the possibility of contamination of food is very low, and the dose of mineral oil on the human body harm has not been confirmed. If you put aside the key premise of the dose, the risk of talking about a substance alone is of no practical significance. Yangzi Evening News reporter Guo Jingyu Ma Ben Ma Ying Xue "kinder chocolate containing carcinogenic" according to the net posts described: "originating from Germany’s kinder chocolate known as designed for children to create, many parents give children bought the brand of chocolate, feel delicious and nutritious, eat at ease, there are a lot of kids love keetat Trolltech eggs. However, kinder chocolate before the date in Germany is to detect the presence of carcinogens!" Yangzi Evening News reporter found that this message from a German news website. According to reports, a company called Foodwatch German folk food supervision organizations tested more than 20 local snacks, in Ferrero Rocher’s kinder chocolate times, SWISS THINS Fioretto series nougatine, Germany Rubezahl chocolate products detected in carcinogen aromatic hydrocarbon mineral oil. Among them, the highest content of aromatic hydrocarbon in the mineral oil content of up to 1.2mg kg. The German Confectionery Industry Association responded that the mineral oil content of aromatic hydrocarbon detection of these products are under the standard, and is mainly found in the packaging, "chocolate products involved in this test is safe". However, Germany’s largest supermarket chain Aldi has been involved a kinder chocolate shelf and recall. Changzhou supermarkets are still selling yesterday afternoon, the Yangtze Evening News reporter visited a number of supermarkets in Changzhou, found that chocolate is still in sales. In the new north of a large supermarket, the health of chocolate is still placed on the high-end chocolate shelves, each species is very complete. "We have not received any notice of adjustment." A sales staff at the scene said, to buy this kind of chocolate are basically young parents, mostly for children to eat, they generally feel that the brand is more assured." It is understood that the health of products including milk chocolate, milk chocolate eggs, Trolltech happy hippo, especially by children welcome Trolltech eggs. The reporter saw picked up a piece of chocolate, the list of ingredients on the annotated chocolate milk chocolate and white sugar, 33.5%, skim milk powder, vegetable oil, 7.5% grains (barley, rice, wheat, spelt, buckwheat), anhydrous butter, food additives (lecithin, vanillin), carcinogenic substances were not mentioned in news reports. A person who is preparing to buy the brand of chocolate heard carcinogens after the event, said he was shocked, said the results of the investigation and then decide whether to buy. Focus theory相关的主题文章: