Knitted items older Fashionable to earn a week back

Knitted items older? Fashion can earn a week back rate also said knitting items older? Get up and take your knees in minutes. Whether it is all-match warm sweaters, knitted dress elegant woman, knitting cardigan or pull the wind with aura, can meet your fashionable pose of the heart, every minute to earn enough return rate for a week. No one or two pieces of knitted goods, how to fall? Want to relax without the burden of the street, may wish to take a look at the fashion show thin and highlight the curve of the knitted skirt. Cut or stripe stitching into asymmetric profile, simple design, warm and Tim temperament, the most important thing is to easily through the lazy woman. Solid black knit dress is best to wear, plus skirt, not only thin and charming and elegant feeling, full of elegant woman. Want to knit dress were not the same feeling, knitted skirt fringe elements can add a lot of vitality and sense of fashion. Yu Bo Chiara Ferragni knit dress, the color stripe width varies, some well-proportioned, black bottom do not look fat, but also very eye-catching. The color can’t play the girl don’t worry, this system select Ken bean Gray Striped Sweater is very good, with a stripe depth sense of hierarchy, not monotonous but also very stylish. SNSD Xu Xian Sandro color wave stripe knit dress, in different color stripe design skirt and cuffs, to the whole of the sweet and elegant add some vitality. The weather is cool, wearing a pair of trousers in knit dress, skirt to wear stack itself is a kind of fashionable style. Qi Wei is the most simple sweater knitted single goods is hand N pieces, but the more simple the collocation test skill, accidentally out of aunt feeling. Show more and more knitwear designers are adding a lot of fashion elements, just a fashion can pose. Yu Bo Chiara Ferragni with a blue skirt collocation deerskin sweater, three-dimensional pattern with micro horn sleeve design, fashion sense max. The large power power of the red and black white sweater stitching V drawstring neckline, plus the loopholes in the rules of design and hem, give this sweater fashion sense collocation points, early autumn a skirt, can be fashionable and vitality. Seen the pure color sweater, stripe is knit circles winning a single product, with vigorous vitality, collocation skirt or pants can easily pose. Blue and white stripes with red stitching Wang Ou’s sweater, collocation of white hole jeans, simple and stunning enough. Li Fei’Er used color striped sweater collocation to the old cowboy dress, suction eye of full marks. Isabel · Gele (Izabel Goulart) color sweater with animal, such as embroidery pattern is a bright spot. The most fashionable sweater also lazy collocation is a knitted products, knitted suit dress, full of lazy woman, ready to lay the rhythm of Ge You. Knitted suit pants but also some elegant beauty. Early autumn essential coat, knitted cardigan light warm is a good choice, solid section all-match, stripes or printing money and increase vitality, long work)相关的主题文章: