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Korean media: Korean super card for Hong just feet can learn a lot of things – Sports Sohu   September 21st Beijing time news, South Korean media reports, South Korea International Hong just from the Bundesliga Augsburg to join Super League has been two months, he has become the pillar type anti Suning existence. The article said today, Suning will be in the home court and Shanghai Shenhua in the FA Cup semi-final for the second round of the contest, because the first round of Suning 3-2 win, the game can play as long as flat Finals: "now Suning in the Super League, the FA Cup has a red crown, Hong coincided with the outstanding performance to prove himself in for the development of the Korean players." Korean media reports, Hong just has so far participated in the 7 round of the competition (6 starts and 1 substitute appearances), 1 FA Cup semi final second leg, today he is covered with Suning shirt ninth games. Hong Zhenghao in July 15th this year from the Bundesliga Augsburg transfer to Suning, have criticized the South Korean public opinion, in order to accuse him of money at the expense of the future "downgrade" to play super league. But he said: I did not because of the strength of the decline in the effectiveness of the super, the opposite can be a lot of world-class players in this confrontation, has been very valuable experience and growth opportunities." Reported that, in recent years, the super team with strong financial Everfount star introduced foreign aid, the Suning Hong just as Ramirez, Teixeira and many have the Champions League experience world-class players, "joined in, Hong just blame. After all, the European League is the dream stage for South Korean players, but also belongs to the world of Football Super League edge. So hung just joined super once considered to give up the dream of money unwise move." Korean media pointed out that the flood is good in Suning has estimated annual salary of 2 billion won, this is he exactly in Augsburg 4 times (500 million won): "he’s in Chinese earn more, but he did not give up the ideal of football." But Hong is good with their outstanding performance proves that it is a correct decision: "with many world-class striker clash, regardless of training or competition, I can learn a lot of things, and their common progress." He stressed that he in the superior position and the Bundesliga without the slightest change: "as a foreign aid, I hope to gain a foothold in the team, play a key role in the team’s victory. I won’t feel lonely and isolated and helpless, because of the need to have a better performance in the super strong belief." Reported that Hong just successfully selected Stielike led the top 12 South Korean team list, he hopes to be able to continue in good condition to the national team." It is worth mentioning that, compared to the super early, there are now more Korean fans agree with Hong just decision: "in fact, a lot of players to play in the national team", "don’t think that Chinese play will make the strength decline, the key is to see the individual repair", "more support the South Korean players to play soccer." But there are a lot of people still think: "to Chinese, the Middle East, Japan and other edge league play, is not a good thing, hope don’t call these players into the national team.")相关的主题文章: