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Internet-Marketing The Purpose: The word landing is a pretty simple term in which you are trying to bring them to a certain page that will capture their information and turn them into a lead. This is can be done by having a opt in form that they can fill out and now will take them to the next step. The next step would be the sales page that they would see your affiliate product or your own product. The next step will be an auto responder that will automatically keep in touch with them through emails. Keep in mind this is something totally different from your website. On your website you might have different topics about your business. An example might be that your website is about MLM and different techniques that might be involved. Your landing page is just about one thing that relates to the subject that you linked from. Remember it has one purpose to turn traffic into leads. Good Writing a Must: Another one of a landing page best practices is writing one in the proper way. This is were all your hard work ends up and you do not want to loses them. So the way you write and construct it is huge. Find out who your target market is and design your capture page around that. You might be offering some kind of training videos that might cover a multitude of topics, but make a specific page for each topic. What ever got them to the landing page has to stay with the same theme or they will just leave your page. The landing page best practices of writing is crucial. It needs to be well written to keep the interest of the reader and needs to have some bribes in it to force the reader to give you their information. The Design: Have a killer title or headline, one that brings them to action and draws them right in so they want to know more. This is another landing page best practices because you must have their interest at heart. They are there for an answer to their problem and you are there to give them the answer, so make sure you do it in a captivating and alluring way. The type of Print should be a black font on a white background, this seems to be the most effective. Your headline should be black and bold maybe a 12 point with Ariel font, of coarse this is just a suggestion. This type of landing page best practices can be uses very effectively in the MLM business. If you apply these tactics to your key page you will see an increase in your prospects turning into leads. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: