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Li Yang Xiang in, new ideas and old style spark – Sohu had the impression that the tourism play in the Liyang in Xiang mountain water around the water, rivers, fenqiangdaiwa, town bridge, located in Huangshan City District of Tunxi Liyang street, it has been one thousand and eight hundred years of history, known as the flow of qingmingshanghetu. At the beginning of Liyang, see the sunset, the head has static streams of people busily coming and going, can not wait to lay down their luggage, go to the street in Liyang at the new creative shops and bars. Many people in Huangshan City must be ran to Mount Huangshan, perhaps before the foot of the night in Mount Huangshan Tang town is preferred, maybe you know the Tunxi street, but you may not know Li Yang Xiang in. As early as 2013 when Li Yang street was re planning into a set of tourism, leisure and accommodation in one of the tourist attractions – Li Yang Xiang in, ancient and modern blend, a millennium ancient district’s revival of the road quietly rising. In front of the quiet street, only saw the color, simple landscape, simple folk, the mottled wall still retains traces of historical erosion at the same time, a small bar next to the coming of pop music and formed a distinct sensory impact, walking in the Gu Yi Street, you think is at the crossing in fact, this thousand year old has been put on the new clothes to greet the arrival of tourists from all sides of the positive step. To celebrate the square is the center, a few blocks to the four corners of the world four diffusion, the edge is a special delicacy street food. This evening on the square a car cute little caravan will light up selling small commodities, personal feeling don’t have to buy a car, walking in the commodity, feel the festive atmosphere is good night. Huizhou architecture is an important part of domestic architecture, with a park wharf wall, the most distinctive, in the use of architectural sculpture, stone carving, wood carving, brick melting as a whole, is magnificent, splendid style. Most brick inlaid in the door cover, window lintel, wall, in large brick carved with vivid characters, bird and flower, and eight, antique and geometric designs, highly decorative effect. The word is particularly appropriate in A remarkable place produces outstanding people. by people living in Huizhou, Huizhou prevailed in the past, when it was built old family mansion, building exquisite, comprehensive use of sculpture art fully embodies the distinctive local characteristics. Especially in the house, the ancestral hall and the arch is the most typical, known as the Huizhou ancient ruin. The process of walking, a young couple and I pass by, I saw them toward the old way, I feel they will linger in this, so they go far I have, indeed, girls seems to be very interested in the old building, has been studied, the boys seem a little impatient, standing in the house looked far, was the new renovated, the distance is a piece of glass, new and old, male and female, so that the entire screen seems to have a sense of the story. Li Yang Xiang in in addition to the same lack of The Inn Boutique idle away in seeking pleasure, inn, hall No.1, emblem not to see the mountain, Syria homes. A micro… Between the interpretation of the book of Xiang culture Boutique Hostel exudes elegant atmosphere; "tea, porcelain, decoration, landscape", adhering to the harmony between man and nature.相关的主题文章: