Ma Sichun is also wearing trousers, long legs than Dongyu Zhou 20cm! (video) zznba

Ma Sichun is also wearing trousers, long legs than Dongyu Zhou 20cm! The article reprinted from the media public number: Fashion hot mom fan (ID:lma778) this summer movie Ma Sichun and Dongyu Zhou play with it, two small artistes together will certainly have a contrast! You know neither of them was more than and 20 years old, but their clothing but super high, but the two men wear trousers, leg length difference is too much! The same is baggy pants and blue sweater collocation by Dongyu Zhou hide short grey wide leg pants nine, really does not look good, look very short legs, the same Ma Sichun also wore nine points wide leg, she can wear long legs too much! Is the most frequently wear jeans, Dongyu Zhou wearing a gray T-shirt collocation ripped jeans, law-abiding, but Ma Sichun is wearing a white T a strap jeans, very fashionable by age and significant long legs. Black pants method has many kinds, Ma Sichun wore a black one-piece pants, particularly legs wearing long black, Dongyu Zhou wore this black pants collocation white T-shirt, relatively short legs, a large portion of Ma Sichun! Dongyu Zhou was wearing a white T-shirt and black vest on the black pants, very short legs, Ma Sichun is very careful machine, wearing black trousers straps a T-shirt, very fashionable is very long legs! Dongyu Zhou street shot in a white blouse and a pair of baggy jeans, stylish but without a long skirt! About Yang Zi white abnormal may be hidden in the clothing on your clothes相关的主题文章: