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"-" Ma Tianyu Hagen Dan release again domineering regression binhuoyuan – Ma Tianyu Zhang Meng "-" entertainment Sohu Sohu entertainment news by Yao off the media produced the TV series "-" is every Wednesday and Thursday night 22:00 Hunan TV hit, with a can revive ancient Fetish hidden lotus bloom, Victoria Song, Ma Tianyu, Medina will return to the screen with a new image. One day, Ma Tianyu played in the play with ember from "brother control" to the brother as a strong contrast between the rivals is suction eye. In the TV series "-" Ma Tianyu, who played Yingkong Shi and Jian Ling, from day four and out sleet Snowbird role, great leap of character contrast of the actor’s acting is a test. Sakura empty release comes with quiet sorrow, for the elder brother fell on his sword so that fans said distressed; effects of the production of compact in the sword of the spirit of lively, clever and lovely, many viewers said Ma Tianyu "interpretation of the role of the two days from now, very independent" ember domineering on-line won the praise of numerous. In the novel "-", their day with fire ember race most delicate face, and forget the past memory like wild and intractable, the fate of the arrangement, high strength and bloodthirsty dark power from day out somewhere there is destruction in edge Syracuse the idea of suicide after memory regression spit blood CaSO died. From the day of blood into lotus bloom out the tragedy of so many readers so far still feel quite miserable memories. A red armor, foot blood red flame, contempt eyes and evil, Ma Tianyu in the insolent uninhibited image so that the original party called "satisfaction". In addition to the reduction of their original image of the ember days, there is concern Zhang Meng’s brilliant and Dan from day out emotional line. Whether Sakura empty release or fire and sword of the spirit, the princess Dan Yan face their own love person will immediately abandon the principle of the supremacy of the interests in the war, more is to help confusius offering a helping hand for CaSO Sakura empty release of resurrection. Frank and upright character and good nature made brilliant Dan the role of ring powder countless, she and Sakura empty release or after the resurrection from the ashes day emotional line has become one of the highlights of the next story. Always want to unify realms of the king (Hu Bingshi) will be used to destroy family suffering from heart faint ice days out? The face wants to kill his brother from day out, Yan Dan will choose to tell the truth? Numerous answers will be announced tonight in 22:00 Hunan TV audience, please look forward to.相关的主题文章: