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Web-Development Magento stands #1 in New Ecommerce Survey! Can it be real that the ecommerce platform launched just 4 years ago has become the market leader? The recent survey of the Alexa Top 1 Million sites, says the answer yes! Tom Robertshaw, UK developer created the valuable tool and has just released the latest edition of his quarterly eCommerce survey. The survey checks at all sites in the Alexa 1 Million that are doing eCommerce, then analyzes which platform is being used by those websites. Once again, Magento has topped the field. In fact, in the survey it is found that 20% of all eCommerce sites in the Alexa 1 Million were using Magento ecommerce a higher share than any other eCommerce platform. Tom Robertshaw continues to spend time in improving the surveys methodology and therefore he provides an even clearer picture of which platforms are leading and which are lagging. The February 2012 eCommerce survey found about 33,632 sites in the Alexa Top 1 Million. In the survey, each site is visited and HTML document is analyzed with a set of rules that picks out the use of any one of 40 different eCommerce platforms. The most popular platform was Magento, with 6,795 sites, a 20% share of eCommerce stores found. Magento has seen a staggering growth-rate, increasing in popularity by over 21% in the last 4 months alone. Previously, Zen Cart has done its best to grow but only accumulated 7% more sites since October 2011. With 4,042 sites in total, Zen Cart still retains the honourable 2nd position. Following closely is VirtueMart in the 3rd position with 3914 sites, which also shows huge growth this month, in part due to new signatures being written. Magento Community has reached 4 million downloads. And it is still enhanced making it an richer tool for exploring all the possibilities of ecommerce with Magento. Commercial solutions such as Magento Go and Magento Enterprise have also been introduced nurturing a community of over 6,00,000 registered members. There are more than 5000 extensions developed by 3rd party developers available in the extension market place. Moreoever, Magento has become part of eBay, Inc. Do you want to become one of the magento developers, users and fans who have embraced the Magento Community edition? Do you have Magento ecommerce project in mind? Do you need help installing Magento? Then hire us to get a professional Magento Customization, Magento installation and Magento development service. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: