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Man impersonation identity do bank card pull 8 accomplices original title: fraudulent use of ID card bank card man was arrested 8 times JINGWAH pull partner (reporter Zhang Sijia) recently, a man in a Shunyi District bank bank card, the staff found that the ID card is not my alarm. Shunyi police according to the clues, destroyed a people involved in suspected of impairing credit card administration gangs, arrested 9 suspects, 6 of whom were under criminal detention, 3 people were fined, confiscated the identity card 16. Police judged according to the case, the case for the upstream crime of telecommunications fraud. 17 days 14 when, Shunyi District victory area police station received a bank staff report, said impersonation identity cards for bank card. After receiving the report, police rushed to the scene, the suspect Liu control. Liu confessed, there are a number of associates impersonation identity do bank card, their activities near the Shunyi Railway Station in the subway line 15 and the spring peak shopping mall. On the same day at 14:30 am to 16 PM in the subway station, Shunyi Railway Station and the spring peak near the mall, the police have the suspect Jo, a high, Han, a 7 people arrested. Suspects confessed, Liu Moumou 6 people are employed by she and Jo, her home is a man surnamed li. Day around 18, she will go to Fengtai, Liujiayao subway near looking for Lee, will run the bank card to him. The time of emergency, the police rushed to the subway station of Liujiayao, in a high identified, arrested the suspect lee. After interrogation, the suspect Lee hired a high, Jo et al impersonation identity for bank cards and reselling the crime confessed. According to the 27 year old Lee explained that at the beginning of September, he found someone on the Internet to hire others to apply for a bank card, on the ID card, he is responsible for looking for someone to take the identity card to the bank for a bank card, each run a few hundred yuan reward, do more. Lee eventually with the home price of $700 for each settled, then home to Lee courier ID. In mid September, Lee in the online recruitment of a high and Jo, let them go to the bank to apply for bank cards, each card is 500 yuan reward. A high and Jo hired another 6 suspects, each do a bank card to $300 to $200. At the time of the incident, Lee has more than 9000 yuan of illegal profits. Police investigators, the suspect used ID may be lost by other documents, on the merits of the sort that the case in line with the characteristics of Telecom fraud, to telecommunications fraud crimes is to make preparations for the telecommunications fraud card for others bank. At present, the suspect Lee, Cao, a 6 people on suspicion of obstruction of credit card management by the Shunyi Public Security Bureau criminal detention according to law, Han and other people were fined for failing to reach the legal age of 3. Involved in the case is under further work. Editor: Ni Zijian相关的主题文章: