Manchester City 50 million hit a gift of the king! The first pit of the new old club 4 pit (video)-havd707

Manchester City 50 million hit a gift! 4 new old Club League first pit [] return "goal stones straight" Redmond received the gift sent to break stones sports news October 23rd Tencent Oolong assists stones is undoubtedly the three lions, Manchester City (data) line core, however, to join the 50 million blue moon the England defender is also the amount of hundred-percent gifts to the king. To Southampton after World War I sent Oolong assists, 4 stones in nearly 2 seasons have led to the team lost the ball in the fatal error, in the first Premier League player. How to deal with Manchester City? Former Welsh midfielder Savage pointed out, the only way is to put pressure on them, spurs and Celtics are trying to pressure, after all, the city’s most vulnerable defense." Week against Basa (official data) and Manchester defensive players make mistakes, Bravo ball, hand ball box red off, Stones has repeatedly misspass. Guardiola returned to the Etihad stadium, a joy a worry, worry is Zabaleta, Sagna injured, joy is captain Kompani comeback. In the end, Guardiola chose the three central defender, Kompani center, the separation of the wings of the wings of the wings, and the separation of the two wings of the president and the president of the Republic of China, and the separation. This is Kompani since April against Newcastle for the first time in the Premier League, this season so far, Kompani is only third appearances. Lack of understanding to make city defense a fatal error occurred, the twenty-seventh minute of the match, Beijing made multi ball to the right, the saints players did not press forward, Stone after a ball between kicks or cross Kompani shilly-shally. Kompani tried to push forward, and their take on Raymond, however, had to choose the doings of ghosts and gods stones cross, the ball was just fall on Kompani, Bravo, Raymond, easy to break. It is necessary to point out that stones 27 minutes before a total of 21 passes, 2 passes, but the 2 are mistakes in return, that is to say this is not accidental Oolong assists. This failure makes England media shocked stones, "Daily Mail" pointed out that the "city’s defense, especially the stones is a nightmare, he tried to return to Bravo, but became Oolong assists." BBC also lamented, "he turned out to be England’s defence in the future? What stones in mind?" Stones is no stranger to the fatal mistake, since last season, stones has 4 turnovers that the team lost the ball, the first player in the premier. Similarly, Manchester City is also no stranger to fatal errors, since this season, Manchester City has 6 times the emergence of low-level mistakes, the first place in the premier league. In 5 games, Manchester City are the first to lose the ball, but only 12 in the Premier League, the blue moon is only 1 times zero closure opponents (Bournemouth). "Daily Mail" reporter Kieran Gil pointed out, "waiting for the accident, this is the England fans look at Guardiola football philosophy. The stones pass is very bad, Southampton mercilessly punished them." Savage pointed out that the three Wei is not suitable for Manchester City, taking into account the aggressive players in Southampton offensive, Manchester City pass so complicated." (Obail)相关的主题文章: