Manchester United team mate Ibrahimovic too strong and professional training with private

Manchester United teammates: Ibrahimovic too strong professional physical therapist training with a private sina sports news Manchester derby has become increasingly closer, either Mourinho or Manchester United Guardiola Manchester City are eager for a fight, make the final preparations for Saturday’s game. For the field of Manchester United, the center position of Ibrahimovic is undoubtedly the biggest killer. Recently, the younger brother of Andreas Parreira and teammate Ibrahimovic is also of offering endless praise. Parreira on deadline day ago by the club on loan to La Liga Granada, but after a few days and Yibudang teammates him, or to the idol to give a high evaluation: "when he came to United at the moment, we all know how much he’s out of the ordinary, it is a real phenomenon class." Parreira said: "just in his physical examination, we already know how strong he is, he is on the pitch every second in order to win, the mind will always be football. He also put his personal trainer, take over, responsible for his training at the club, everyone was surprised by his professional."   相关的主题文章: