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Martha Lahti, 2017 president of car QUATTROPORTE Chinese first – Beijing, Beijing, September 2, 2 days, Martha Lahti introduced the 2017 Quattroporte sedan at the Chengdu auto show, the official guide price of RMB 1 million 460 thousand. The new Quattroporte president car on the basis of the Essence Standard Edition, and another GranLusso luxury edition and GranSport sports edition. 2017 cars from the president of the vehicle’s appearance, interior style, the control performance and driving technology on the large face in the sixth generation on the basis of the president". In the design, the new Quattroporte CEO car up to 12 updates. Updates include: a new grille chrome strip, a new front bumper design, new design, new rear bumper bumper, side skirts, a new radiator decoration rearview mirror design, new design, new hub new rear diffuser design, the new bumper wing (Sports Edition, Deluxe Edition), a new brake caliper (deluxe version of the sport, the new edition), mark decoration (Sports Edition, Deluxe Edition) and Trident blue interior design (Deluxe Edition). The new front grille design is the core component reflected the identity of Martha Lahti, inspired by the Alfieri concept car, the significant edges in the vision is more ferocious. The new design of the chrome bars, in contrast with the rich depth of shark nose effect. This design has appeared in Martha Lahti’s latest Levante SUV models. Other notable features of the new Quattroporte president sedan includes a matte black side skirt and a rear view mirror, the latter also slightly changed to match the new technology and equipment. In the interior, the new Quattroporte president car up to 11 interior upgrades. The upgrade includes: new rearview mirror and new original console, mobile phone shell storage space, the new control knob, new pedal (Sports Edition, Deluxe Edition), new steering wheel decoration (Sports Edition, Deluxe Edition), sports seats (Sport), carbon fiber (Sport), shift paddles piano black trim (Sport), three optional carbon fiber details (Sport), RADICA wood (Deluxe Edition) and three special Zegna interior combination (Deluxe Edition). The new car is equipped with a new infotainment system, using a high resolution 8.4 inch multi touch display, but also has a compatible apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone image features. The middle and lower part of the console has been redesigned, equipped with a knob controller, volume and infotainment system functions can be achieved through the operation knob. Martha Lahti also provides a level of customization by the launch of the new GranLusso GranSport Deluxe Edition and sports version of decoration, rich materials for customers to choose: including wood, carbon fiber, high-end leather, Alcantara material and leather and color contrast effect of fine suture. Customized for the GranLusso luxury models Jeni.相关的主题文章: