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Men hate the ten kinds of dressing, careful wear! Sohu every afternoon tea METEATIME men are from Mars, women are from Venus taste really different to avoid the minefield following dress you don’t wear stockings No.1 + shoes stockings has been sexy sign but catch sneakers will take this kind of woman ruined clean black stockings and sneakers is a disaster colored stockings should firmly refused! It will only make you like the fall girl instead of a mature woman No.2 baggy sweater aunt actually he is very love Qi sauce to wear loose clothes, because it is really very comfortable! There is no restraint but a relaxed feeling! Why do you put a sack on your chest in the man’s eyes? What about your waist? What about your legs? No.3 too many sequins, diamond, rivet real lady dress will avoid these elements except that they will make you look cheap and very easy to hurt others outside the dust men hold when you don’t want to be careful not to hurt the hand No.4 safety trousers skirt + the pants to wear safety was not what is not embarrassing take care of safety pants exposed moment more embarrassing is some woman safety pants than skirt long really no beauty wearing a skirt or legs or stockings or your light in the eyes of men and you’ve missed the No.5 hole sexy oversized jeans ripped jeans have been very popular in recent years the only hole and more may want to create a point not straightforward But in the eyes of men feel so it is a model of No.6 Tutu careless about dressing if you have at least 16 years old don’t wear skirt a little fairy nor it will only show you in the forced Zhuangnen as to why on weekdays so grand occasion men cannot understand No.7 super tight no fat clothes unless otherwise easily don’t try tights of men would not want to see you coming down the swimming ring and body strangled into a nice fat convex energy-saving slightly scary No.8 Haren Haren pants pants like a few years ago a fire recently too fire but still in men hate the dress in the top In fact, it’s not too ugly just accidentally easily looks bloated collocation of sports shoes look fat collocation high-heeled shoes and strange No.9 shoes does not make you remember many years ago that high platform shoes is very fire over a period of time was more Tucao gradually disappeared recently started the fire is a little lower platform shoes or相关的主题文章: