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The man dining was received 100 yuan beer bottle opening fee: 50 Yuan Hotel – Sohu China Daily News (reporter Zhang Lin) recently, an extension of Yanan, Mr. Ma and friends dinner encounters the "super" corkage fee. At the checkout a sum of 100 yuan "service fee" in late October 17th, Mr. Ma friend’s father’s birthday, one family went in Baota District of Yanan Zhongyi House Hotel for dinner. "Because the table lady said more, drink beer, just put the car there are two cartons of beer, I move a box." Mr. Ma said, when the beer into the room, the waiter did not tell to close the bottle fee, etc. when the meal checkout found that spent a total of 1330 yuan, of which there is a service fee of $100. Mr. Ma said, the hotel waiter told the "service fee" is the "corkage fee", and said the hotel regulations go drinks such charges. "A box of beer is only 45 yuan, the hotel will receive a service fee of $100, on the basis of what?" MA in a list of consumption, the China Daily reporter saw, there is a 100 yuan service fee". Hotel Chengduo received 50 yuan, willing to refund in Yanan Zhongyi House Hotel charge 100 yuan "corkage fee", the China Daily reporter and Mr. Ma went to the hotel to check. "We shall go drinks into the store hotel service charge, guests bring drinks into the shop, the waiter will remind, why didn’t the waiter reminder, then we will investigate." The hotel is a responsible person surnamed Zhang said, generally to the hotel guests with liquor consumption, few guests bring their own beer, beer is according to the hotel regulations according to charge corkage fee, a beer received 50 yuan, the waiter may be not clear, overcharged a beer "service fee". When reporters asked this charge has no basis, the responsible person surnamed Zhang did not answer directly, have repeatedly said that the hotel is willing to refund overcharged 50 yuan service fee. "I’m not overcharged 50 yuan or less 50 yuan, I care about is the hotel know consumer law is not allowed to accept" corkage fee "," price "is still publicly charged fees consumer fraud." Ma said. Mr. Ma said, 18 PM he will reflect the matter to the Baota District Consumers Association of Yanan City, and the association staff also made clear that the hotel charged service fees, corkage fee is fraud, the association will investigate and deal with. 21 afternoon, the China Daily reporter learned from the Baota District Association, for Mr. Ma’s complaint, the association has been a criminal investigation.相关的主题文章: