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Men’s graffiti 13 landscape stone named "Chen Zhicheng" has come to apologize (Figure) – Beijing Legal Evening News (reporter Zhang Qunchen) "Chen Zhicheng" red handwriting graffiti appeared Fangshan guaishishan scenic landscape stone ten yesterday, "Legal Evening News" (WeChat ID:fzwb_52165216) caused widespread concern reports. Scenic staff said that the people have been sent to wash, and to find graffiti. This morning, Chen Zhicheng came to the scenic spot cleaning graffiti and publicly apologized, said due to advanced in age in the mountains to paint pictures, he said will mark clean. Event review who had named "Chen Zhicheng" graffiti damage scenic two days, a condemned garden uncivilized behavior of the post caused widespread concern. Users send 4 drunk stone forest was sprayed with red paint pictures. Photo shows the drunk stone forest landscape stone was sprayed on the "Chen Zhicheng 2016.9.1", "the lift changes created rugged Stony Mountains". These words are inscribed with the name of Chen Zhicheng, and the date is September 1, 2016. This netizen also said that Chen Zhicheng is still the gold mountain, mountain, Flaming Mountains and other scenic areas are graffiti, destroyed are important attractions landscape, there are more than ten. Yesterday morning, the reporters came to the village of Fangshan District Mount Huangshan shop guaishishan in Shilin scenic area, drunk hillside, saw a left red mark on the top of the landscape stone, landscape stone had been painted red handwriting, written with the name "Chen Zhicheng". In the hillside scenic road, the reporter also found a red mark. These graffiti coatings are basically painted, it is difficult to clean. Mount Huangshan village Fangshan District town Zhoukou responsible person said, "he painted are the most famous landscape stone guaishishan." The village staff in the day time, 13 graffiti all cleared, the use of thinner 50 kg, but still left a red mark. Fangshan District Zhoukou Town Tourism Service Center staff said, "Chen Zhicheng" in Zhoukoudian a number of scenic spots and areas of graffiti, town and village are already looking for the people. Graffiti graffiti is known as tears said apology read to leave France late (WeChat ID:fzwb_52165216) reporter learned yesterday afternoon in guaishishan scenic graffiti Chen Zhicheng to take the initiative to call Mount Huangshan village shop will admit mistakes, and said these will be writing clean. This morning, reporters once again came to the strange rock scenic area, the landscape stone graffiti on this front, a man wearing a hat, dressed in a dark green coat was washed red. According to the man, he is graffiti, the name is Chen Zhicheng, this year has been 53 years old, since 1997 began climbing, but recently because of family reasons, the mood is not very good. Also feel advanced in age may not be climbed, the mountains, and on the germination of the idea read to leave here. "I didn’t think it was a scenic spot, so I painted my name." He also admitted that in Hongluo danger, Flaming Mountains scenic handwriting Chen相关的主题文章: