Men’s unarmed climbing 33 floors after stealing the high altitude scenery photographed as a souvenir

Man climbing the 33 floor succeeded after the theft of scenery pictures shoot high original title: he climbed the 33 floor burglary after pictures of the scenery sun circle of friends into evidence   Chen suspects Dazu police to identify the scene for "my ideal is to do with the perfect theft." Chen suspects climbing the 33 floor of the implementation of theft, burglary, also did not forget to shoot high full circle of friends lamented the "WeChat landscape master lonely". In the face of such a "confident emperor", Dazu police recently successfully arrested him, which made a circle of friends photos become relevant evidence. Yesterday, Chen was under criminal detention. A community of 6 senior households stolen on October 23rd morning, who lives in Dazu District Tong Xiang street a district of Mr. Chen to the Dazu police said, the home was stolen property. According to Mr. Chen, the night before 22 am, he and his family have turned off the lights to sleep, the next morning, found on the bedside charging phone is gone. Chen believes that the phone did not get into the bedroom, the living room to see, found in the living room of the other phone was also gone. Chen hurried to wake up his family, the family inventory, in addition to two mobile phones, a pair of pants in the $300 cash stolen, the loss of a total of more than 1 yuan. Mr. Chen checked the door, found the door without pry marks, and there is no other signs of turning the house, but a window can vaguely see a few footprints. We live on the 21 floor, although not close the window, but the floor is so high, go downstairs to see the feet are trembling, the thief can not be turned into the window." Mr. Chen told the police. Police investigation found that the near future is not only one of Mr. Chen, where a total of 6 residential areas have been stolen. Sun circle of friends photos as evidence the police anti access area and the surrounding video surveillance investigation found that the theft is a separate crime, and the suspect is the same person, the body is relatively small. Since the suspect only to the district crime, the police should be located in the vicinity of the residential area, or in the area. The police in the area near to start a large number of Mopai, on October 28th near the Dazu Wuxing Avenue will be the 20 year old Chen suspects arrested. After investigation, Chen prepared in Dazu workers, because the moment there is no source of income they think of stealing. Chen found next to a residential residence, using the feature from good climbing, climbing over the fence into the area, to find suitable for climbing the wall, then climb unarmed layer. While climbing one side to observe the installation of anti-theft nets, no windows tenants. "I have a theft has climbed to the top floor of 33 floor, suddenly feel a sense of accomplishment, is taken by mobile phone for a while at the time of the scenery free WeChat pictures. Then every level of theft, I will put the top scenic free WeChat circle of friends." Chen admitted that it climbed the 33 story building just over 1 hours, that quietly theft can escape notice, or was seized by the police, Chen micro channel will become the theft proof. Save editor: Wu Yan相关的主题文章: