Meranti to the eastern mid autumn Xiamen Shenzhen line EMU outage in Beijing

"Meranti" to the eastern mid autumn Xiamen Shenzhen line EMU outage – Beijing, although 13 Guangdong weather again soon, but ferocious super typhoon "Meranti" is from the Pacific Northwest step by step the eastern coast, most likely landing in our province on the 15 day of mid autumn festival. The evening of 13 from the provincial headquarters learned that the provincial government attaches great importance to "Meranti" defense work, the provincial Party committee and government leaders called on all localities and departments to seriously do defense work, to ensure the safety of life and property. On the morning of 13, Fangzong again held a provincial video chamber for the full deployment of the defense work, and start the wind grade at 13 days 9 when emergency response, pre satellite phone to the eastern coastal areas, also sent 6 steering group to guide the eastern wind work. The meeting stressed that all localities and departments according to the national headquarters and the provincial government work deployment, adhere to the "prevention first, combining prevention and resistance to rescue, disaster reduction and disaster relief to normal non normality of unity, and strive to achieve the focus from disaster relief to focus on pre disaster prevention, disaster response from single to comprehensive disaster reduction transformation to reduce the damage from the disaster risk reduction transformation, strengthen the organization and leadership of the defense work, from the most unfavorable situation of deployment, pay close attention to the implementation of defensive measures, and do a good job to start the highest level of emergency response to the main party and government leaders personally deployed to the front line, the top command, depending on the circumstances, cancel cadres leave, all kinds of three responsible for job duties, fully put into wind disaster relief work. The Nanfang Daily reporter trainee reporter Xie Qingyu Tian Didi correspondent Guangdong shuixuan Dong Yongchun in the Mid Autumn Festival holiday is expected to have a local torrential rain according to meteorological monitoring, this year the fourteenth typhoon "Meranti" (super typhoon class) 13 days 19 when the center is located about 730 kilometers southeast of Shantou City, Northwest of the Pacific Ocean, near the center of the largest wind 17 above. Expected, "Meranti" will be 20 to 25 kilometers per hour westward moving over southern Taiwan in the night of 13 to 14 in the morning after cleaning, the rapid trend of coastal Fujian and Guangdong, from 15 am to noon in Shanwei to Fujian Zhangpu coastal landing, severe wind, rain, tidal effects the Guangdong sea and land. The provincial meteorological observatory is expected, 14, 16 by the "miranti" impact on our province eastern counties will have a local torrential rainstorm to heavy rain, the eastern coastal counties and the sea will have 12, 14 winds, the typhoon center wind through the area more than 15 grade. The 14 day, Guangdong cloudy with heavy rain to heavy rain, the rest of the cities and counties cloudy with showers. 15, Shantou, Chaozhou, Jieyang, and Meizhou have heavy rain locally heavy rain, and there are 11 "13 winds, gusts 15; Shanwei, Heyuan and Huizhou have local torrential rainstorm to heavy rain, some cities and counties in the Pearl River Delta have moderate to heavy rain, the rest of the cities and counties cloudy with showers. 16, Shaoguan, Heyuan and Meizhou have moderate to heavy rain, the rest of the cities and counties have locally heavy rain showers. Dragnet check the beach, water, the side of the mountain "hidden points Fangzong requirements, the region should take timely outage相关的主题文章: