Middle armor – continuation of hope! Wang Ziming in the home to break 1-0 Xiang Tao-freyja

Middle armor – continuation of hope! Wang Ziming broke in to 1-0 home court Xiang Tao can continue in the relegation hope sina sports news Beijing standard time on the afternoon of September 25th, the 2016 season in a league twenty-eighth round continues, Qingdao can beat Hunan 1-0 home court Xiang Tao, behind the bottom third in Hohhot and 4 points, there is still hope Paul level. Thirty-fifth minutes, Hernandez climbed high ferry heading to the front door, Wang Ziming right foot shot into the only goal of the game. Although Qingdao in the last round away 3-2 defeat Zhejiang Yi Teng, but because of the earlier in the match, Hohhot excellent 4-0 victory over Dalian in Qingdao to Hohhot and beyond, the difference back to 7 points, the game in Qingdao against the home court downgrade in advance "vice class long" Hunan Xiang Tao once lost, will herald in Qingdao will also advance relegation, so all three points of "life" is the only choice. The opening stage, Qingdao can attack the team momentum. Third minutes, Zhu Jianrong in the penalty area to try to shoot a low threat. After that, Qingdao will continue to take the initiative, once formed the siege of potential Hunan Xiang Tao goal, but in not score. Sixteenth minutes, Qingdao energy passes to Hernandez proposed shot, but was Hunan Xiang Tao keeper. Twenty-fourth minutes, Wang Qi went into the box hand ball was booked, Hunan Hunan use the opportunity to locate the ball threat, but Wang Qi played well, out opponents dead straight shot. Until the game thirty-fifth minutes, the deadlock was broken. The Qingdao midfielder can send out near the pass, Hernandez climbed high ferry heading to the front, just in the U22 national football teenager Wang Ziming in front of right foot shot, Qingdao can lead 1-0. After the goal, Qingdao can attack more fierce, forty-third minutes, Qingdao can wing break into the restricted area, Wang Ziming in the restricted area after contact with an opponent lying on the ground, but the referee did not penalty. Half of Harding Park, Qingdao can temporarily lead to 1-0. Easy side battles the second half, Qingdao again substitutions, Guo Liang replaced Yihao clock. Fifty-seventh minutes, Hunan Hunan counterattack, Cao Guodong outside the area to try long shots out slightly. 1 minutes later, Rock pull foul was a yellow card. Later, Ji Zhengyu for Rock, just play Ji Zhengyu got a yellow card foul. Sixty-fifth minutes, Guo Liang free kick threat, Hernandez lob shot by goalkeeper Puzhu line at the door. Seventy-second minutes, Qingdao missed the opportunity to expand the score. Wang Jueyang rescue is off the ball, Hernandez had lost after goalkeeper Dong Jianhong Kongmen, but the ball was wide of the remote column. Seventy-fifth minutes, Hernandez winger ball by speed advantage back suddenly get rid of small angle shot, the ball was the goalkeeper off. Later, Wang Wei replaced Zhu Jianrong. Eightieth minutes, Wang Wei allowed arbitrary ball, Wang Ziming header wide ball rub, wiping out slightly distal column. Eighty-second minutes, Cabezas Peng Li foul, the former was a yellow card warning. Goal information: Qingdao: thirty-fifth minutes, Hernandez climbed high ferry heading to the front door, Wang Ziming right foot shot).相关的主题文章: