Milan 17 year old Manchester exposure to pry goalkeeper Buffon go to the blue moon good sports Sohu-pullip

Milan 17 year old Manchester exposure to pry goalkeeper Buffon: go to the blue moon good sports Sohu Guardiola intends to Duonaluma Beijing time on November 12th, the Italy version of "Sky Sports" news, Premier Donna Roumat joined the battle for the nouveau riche Manchester City, it also allows AC to keep him in Milan hope greatly reduced; at the same time, Juventus goalkeeper Buffon talk to Manchester the acquisition of Donna Roumat’s message, said the blue moon is a good choice. Although Donna Roumat was only 17 years old, but is still the main AC Milan since the beginning of the season, replacing Diego Lopez got the No. 1 position, has played 43 times, with outstanding performance, even in the Italy national team appearances came in after Buffon order, is the blue army corps No. 2 goalkeeper. According to the general view outside, Buffon retired after the Italy Tangnalu horses will become the undisputed No. 1 goalkeeper. It can be said that Donna Roumat has a bright future, so AC Milan always want to leave him, but he was only 17 years old, according to the law of Italy, now Italy and the Rossoneri goalkeeper cannot sign occupation contract, his youth contract expires the summer of 2018. Italy media "Sky Sports" disclosure, Donna Roumat is not signed the occupation contract, so many of the top clubs he secretly spoiler, let Italy look at fiercely as a tiger does, the new keeper refused to renew his contract with AC Milan. As everyone knows, Guardiola came to the city, has not signed with the goalkeeper, with Bravo replaced Johat, Chile goalkeeper mistakes too much, we intend to introduce donnaruma. In accordance with the current situation, Manchester City in January next year, the possibility of the acquisition of Donna Roumat during the winter window is unlikely, the deal will have to wait until the summer. In the news of the acquisition of Donna Roumat from Manchester City, Italy goalkeeper Buffon said, joining the blue moon is a good choice, "I can say, go to the city to play is a very good wise choice, but have to say, Donna Roumat has been in a great club. As far as I’m going to give him any advice, I think it’s better to talk to him in private." (little care)相关的主题文章: