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The new millet finally determined: red rice Note 4 flagship digital mobile phone technology – Sohu [news] for Chinese in today’s morning officially released new products, millet official has been hanging our appetite, until yesterday evening finally unveiled new models. Millet President Lin Bin drying out a conference on micro-blog PPT, confirmed that the new red rice Note 4, and will be the flagship process. In fact, before the new model has not yet been announced, millet has long been empty on the red rice Note 4 boast non-stop. Millet President Lin Bin in 23 said "I was using, awesome!" , chairman and CEO Lei Jun millet is known as the "absolutely shocking new level". We learned that the red rice Note 4 configuration with red rice Pro have a fight, it will use 5.5 inches 1080p screen, equipped with Helio X20 ten core processor, 5 million front +1300 megapixel rear camera, 2GB RAM+16GB ROM 3GB RAM+64GB ROM two version of the battery capacity is 4100mAh. Tell the truth, red rice Note 4 configuration is strong, but it is not uncommon in the industry, not to mention its price may not be extreme low. For this mobile phone explosion point, we expect the top of the millet is to emphasize the feel and technology. Perhaps the metal wire drawing, injection molding antenna, CNC and other processes will also be applied to red rice Note 4 up. Although we can not be sure, only hope that the network will not be exposed to large black edge design.相关的主题文章: