National Day approaching the city’s 8 ecological tour theme Forest Park and so you go to play ca1290

The advent of the National Day   the city’s 8 eco Tour theme Forest Park you play — Chongqing window – autumn National Day is coming, at the same time for the public to enjoy the autumn can have more experience — 29 days, city forestry bureau has carefully selected eight forest landscape and forest eco tourism distinctive theme activities to recommend to the public. Shapingba Geleshan national Forest Park on the Geleshan national Forest Park good natural landscape and ecological in Liangshan Town, Shapingba District in the national day will be held during the fun orienteering, "flower dream" leisure tourism season, happy farm skiing Festival, lotus Yue color Lotus Festival, mulberry taste blueberry "diffuse live season", "the vast Garden Flower Valley" the forest Flower Festival, the second "Yongning Cup" competitive fishing tournament, Shaoxing arts and culture and ecological leisure camping Festival theme activities, the public can be flowers, grass skiing, fishing, picking, camping and so on all kinds of natural activities, a colorful holiday in nature. Peng Shuimao Moldova Wai Yunshan National Forest Park of minorities love mountain scenic area tourists can travel to Pengshui maoyunshan national Forest Park Moldova Wai Mountain Scenic area. Friction around the mountain is known as "hanging in heaven on oxygen", visitors in the park can not only help the original ecological huts, the night view of the stars in the sky, during the national day can also participate in the 2016 Pengshui China Jiu Chi temple?. The temple, visitors can not only enjoy the charming, Aida marriage, three wearing flowers, zongba song and other non-material cultural heritage show, taste characteristics of Miao long table feast, you can also sign up to participate in its city? China Miao folk culture festival contest, won the million yuan prize. Yubei Yufeng mountain Forest Park want to experience the car travel tourists can travel in Yubei District Yufeng mountain Forest Park RV camp. This is the first Chongqing forest campsites can give people self-help and a half self-help leisure experience, enjoy all kinds of ecological courtyard villas, integrated car, health, taste the delicacy mellow wine, flying through the jungle Forest Sports participation. Wansheng Heishangu scenic Wansheng Heishangu scenic area during the National Day invited the domestic well-known Betta network broadcast platform two popular anchor, presided over the two days of "anchor travel with you in Wansheng" live broadcast. At the same time, as well as Taiji boxing, sword, fan performance, Miao song and dance performances and other programs, like the tourists can also travel to the black Valley negative oxygen ion experience area, follow the professional yoga instructor yoga practice. Tongliang National Wetland Park in Tongliang District, tourists can visit the live National Wetland Park, enjoy the park 2000 acres of reed, formed in 1000 acres and 1000 acres of lawn cobblestone platform camping leisure lake fishing. Can also see the wonderful Tongliang Dragon tour performances, Huangjue gate invincible in the garden colorful flowers, dragon Bath Spa, spend the pleasant holiday. Nanchuan Jinfo Mountain national Forest Park Shan Wang Ping Karst national ecological park in Jinfo Mountain national Forest Park in the national day will be carried out during the "College masquerade", "Forest Fairy Festival" unique interest and participation activities, "water Guan" live line fun games will also be unveiled, for visitors to tour)相关的主题文章: