New MacBook Pro to buy which version is more cost-effective clonecd

New MacBook Pro to buy which version is more cost-effective? Bitter four years, Apple has officially released a new design of MacBook Pro series of products, and it is precisely because of this, apple held a conference in the headquarters alone for MacBook Pro. The new upgraded MacBook Pro laptop is still 1315 inch models, but whether the body design or interior configuration function for a comprehensive upgrade, especially with Touch Bar, Touch ID OLED adaptive touch fingerprint recognition, lightning 3 unified interface, but also in the history of the thinnest and lightest MacBook Pro. Of course, a comprehensive upgrade of the new MacBook and Pro price, the starting price compared to the previous generation is higher than 2200 yuan, but for fruit powder, or even to buy buy buy, but the region in which to buy more cost-effective? Please look at the following three areas: price comparison: down from the price point of view, the Hong Kong version and the version of a considerable price, than the overall cheap 1300-2500 yuan, while taking into account the purchase channels and ways, the Hong Kong version than the version is easier to buy. In the warranty, MacBook Pro warranty for one year, do not have to worry about non state bank outlets can not warranty in China problem. As for the configuration depends on individual needs and preferences. So, what would you buy?相关的主题文章: