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[] new Xiamen home rhyme dish ~ ~ Black out of the oyster feast – eat Xiamen food is fresh and Sohu cool light features, seafood is an important part, with the development of the times, the new Xiamen cuisine has become increasingly popular, on the basis of the traditional, with local tastes as the core, with the Chinese and foreign cuisine all long, not rigidly adhere to the local Hong Kong with rich ingredients, condiments, pay attention to dish, tableware exquisite color, flavor and taste, both meaning and shape, become a stream in the catering industry. The restaurant is black border, the new leader of Xiamen cuisine. Boss Zhang Congming is an international chef, who have performed Hennessy dinner, "black" is his nickname, one is that he skin is black, there is another layer of meaning, he is in the kitchen is quite rigorous, pay attention to the correct ingredients, simple cooking, food should be the pursuit of taste. Some time ago, the black hand Mr Chen Hanzong Ye Ming ho held a wonderful oyster feast. Mr. Chen Hanzong from Guangdong Shanwei, he is the founder of "Oyster nine", spread China oyster culture, oyster research more than ten years, was the "taste" of the Chinese delicacy documentary starring, CCTV "China taste" most cattle "chowhound gold chopsticks" winner. Such a high-quality oyster meal with new Xiamen dishes will impact what kind of spark? The first way: New Zealand imported Aaron sweet plump oysters, so, eat best, squeeze some lemon juice, a mouthful of delicious stew. Second: best suncured gold oyster sauce, red bay aquaculture selected from the six year old King Oyster, dried, golden, sliced, fire slightly baked, garlic slices clip together to eat, sweet flavor. Third: oyster is still fresh and sweet Shuangjie, large oysters, a fried, fried leek juice, a? All the same intoxicating heart. Fourth: pork cooked pickles in oyster sauce, oyster is so big, so fresh, and pork soup with pickle boiled in boiling water, do not have a taste. Fifth: water boiled oysters oyster soup seaweed, seaweed is a Home Dishes Taiwanese people, but here is the selection of the head from Dadeng laver, just before the beginning of winter season, the first harvesting seaweed, lower yield, but the highest nutritional value. Hong Kong fresh oysters, and fragrant onion, familiar with the taste of home, better taste experience. Sixth: Golden oyster sausage baozaifan, "said Kim Ho" in the name of the origin, is made of dried oysters and oyster said, allowing full, golden brown. Made of gold oyster sausage, more pure oyster flavor, plus loose elastic Steamed Rice, smooth luster, salty and spicy taste good. Seventh: the potato bowl of boiled oysters, crisp, juicy, rich level, good. Eighth: the Danish crown seven layers of pork, and there are seven layers of Oh ~ ~ low temperature and slow boil, small fire fry, goods with good, soft taste. Ninth: low temperature and slow Roast Beef, using the Italian cold smoked beef, beef, wine soaked, vanilla and pickled pepper, high temperature and low temperature of the fire, the final baked by a bright red color, taste the tender beef, with good food. Tenth: garlic and basil fried pork soup: eleventh black radish scallop balls, a white radish相关的主题文章: