North Korea announced a successful nuclear test to identify the power of the new nuclear warhead tda7294

North Korea announced the successful nuclear test to identify new nuclear warhead power original title: North Korea announced a successful nuclear test that aims to identify new nuclear warhead power in new network on 9 September, KCNA reported that Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s nuclear weapons research institute 9, issued a statement, announced the same day North Korea conducted a nuclear test explosion, "a complete success". The statement said, North Korea’s nuclear weapons research scientists and technical workers according to the construction of strategic nuclear force North Korea Labor Party, the nuclear explosion tests of nuclear warheads aimed at the identification of new power development in the northern part of the nuclear test site. The statement refers to the nuclear warhead explosion test was a complete success, the Central Committee of the Korean workers’ party to the nuclear test site north nuclear scientists and technical workers expressed warm congratulations. The nuclear test the final inspection and verification of the Korean people’s army strategic military forces have been equipped with artillery Mars strategic ballistic rocket capable of carrying the standardization and normalization of the warhead structure and operation characteristics, performance and power. According to the statement, the analysis of the test results confirmed that the explosion and nuclear material utilization coefficient of determination values agree with the calculated value, the test did not leak of radioactive material, did not have any negative impact on the surrounding ecological environment. The statement said, North Korea believes that due to the realization of a nuclear warhead standardization, North Korea fully mastered the production of a variety of fissile material and its application technology, any on-demand manufacturing a variety of small lightweight, strike force to a greater variety of nuclear warheads, North Korea’s nuclear weapons completely reached a higher level. The statement pointed out that the United States and other countries to deny North Korea as a strategic position of nuclear countries, accusing North Korea to exercise the right of self-defense. The nuclear warhead explosion test is part of a substantive response to threats and sanctions. The statement also said that North Korea will continue from the two aspects of quality and quantity, strengthen from the United States become aggravated the threat of nuclear war to defend their dignity and rights, maintain the real peace national nuclear force. Editor: Chen Chen SN225相关的主题文章: