Ouyang Zijing FOMC gold and silver soared to halt the troops and wait bears turn bulls or bull attac lara fabian

Ouyang Zijing: FOMC gold and silver soared to halt the troops and wait bears turn bulls or meet the bull market clients view the latest market overnight at 2 the Fed interest rate decision, the fed to halt the troops and wait. The Fed’s FOMC said in a statement, the Fed decided to wait for some time, waiting for the need for more evidence of interest; the 7 members supported the interest rates unchanged, 3 support to raise interest rates, making the future rate hike more uncertain. FOMC policy statement shows PCE inflation in 2018 will reach 2% inflation target, the son Jing prestige cxf1060 think this is the main reason for the Fed is too slow to raise interest rates, the dollar is not up to the standard of economic interest in the future, need to constantly push things through the economic data objectively the process of raising interest rates. The remarks of this FOMC is clearly dovish, the dollar index fell, gold and silver rose, gold rose 1.57%, yesterday’s lowest price of $1307, the highest $1335 ounce near, soared $20. Silver Rose 2.88% yesterday, the lowest price of 3811 yuan per kilogram, the highest 3978 yuan, up 111; today opened the natural gold and silver investment market immersed in the bull buying atmosphere, the strong side view; gold, gold traded at $1333 an ounce, is currently in the repeated testing resistance near 1335, and then continue to be broken up Ouyang Zijing suggested that attention resistance increase, maintain the bullish mentality, chasing 1340 broken 1335, at least $10 increase in space, 1350 high of this rally highs, blocked 1335 days callback support to see $1328-1327 ounces; the market was the Fed’s interest rate decision to bring good buying atmosphere, tonight 21:00 European Bank President Delaki spoke the same it is worth looking forward to, this is related to the euro dollar foreign exchange movements, the euro against the dollar strong tonight If Delaki’s speech helped the euro continue, then the dollar index will continue to pressure drop, then gold and silver hedging assets continue to be favored by the market, pushing prices; Ouyang yesterday provided BOLL Zijing rail near 3850 more than a single, target landing to BOLL rail 3980 price position, I have to do more than one reference analysis to guide the investors. There are 150 points of profit space. Chinese silver price 3950 yuan per kilogram, the daily chart, the price of silver by the positive impact of the news, the price rebound 100 points, to return to the 4000 mark position. At present, the price of silver price short-term trading in 3950 days, Powei stabilized 3950, continue to see 3980-4000, broken 4000 that is tantamount to usher in the "golden nine silver ten" bull market, temporarily maintain operation callback to buy up ideas. [Focus] today (1) 20:30 the United States until September 17th when the week jobless claims (2) 21:00 in the United States in July FHFA house price index rate [micro-blog], the European central bank governor Delaki speech (3) 22:00 U.S. August conference board leading index, the u.s..相关的主题文章: