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P2P transformation of the road: Beach consumer financial credit risk control into the problem of sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The transformation of business compliance and consumer market huge development potential to become the two major causes of many net loan platform choice consumer finance business while for passengers, operating costs have the advantage, but how to get more personal credit information and to control the risk, be admitted to future development of industry experience Zhang is a founding partner of a problem net loan platform, the "Interim Measures for network credit information intermediary business activity management" (industry commonly known as the "net loan regulations") after the introduction, he carefully study, and the organization of the company executives participated in special classes, working overtime to a meeting to discuss the details of the business adjustment. Borrowing limit, ICP license, bank deposit…… Rules put forward a lot of new regulatory requirements. "Regulators are given 1 years of rectification period, how to adjust, how to reform the company issues become of vital importance." Zhang said in an interview with reporters, the company plans to focus on all transferred to the consumer finance. The direction of choice in line with the transformation of demand is the choice of Zhang has become a common choice of many P2P net loan platform. Because according to the net loan regulatory rules, the same platform most personal loan 200 thousand yuan, the same legal person or other organization up to borrow 1 million yuan; different platform personal up borrowing 1 million yuan, the same legal person or other organization up to borrow 5 million yuan. In addition, the eighth provisions of the negative list, prohibit the platform to carry out asset securitization business or to achieve asset securitization, securitization of assets, trust assets, fund shares and other forms of debt transfer behavior. This means that the industry’s more than 2 thousand net loan platform business must be transformed. The potential for large, good compliance with the consumer finance business is easier to comply with the requirements of the net loan regulatory requirements, and thus become the first choice for many P2P net loan platform transformation." Senior researcher Zhang Yexia said Chan Ying consulting, still exist in the current downward pressure on China’s economic growth, many enterprises face greater pressure, there are potential risks related to business platform. But the consumer finance business is different, with the change of people’s consumption concept, P2P net loan platform consumer finance business in recent years, the rapid growth in the future market prospects. There are two main reasons for the layout of the net loan platform consumer finance business: first, in order to business transformation, from lending to corporate lending to individuals, and the two is because of the huge potential for growth in consumer finance. With the rising of disposable income of our country, the economic growth power is mainly driven by investment, export and consumption, investment and export." Rong 360 net loan researcher Han Teng in an interview with the Economic Daily reporters, said that China’s consumer demand is shifting from subsistence necessities to improve consumer spending. In addition, with the growth of the new generation of 80, 90 generations of consumer groups, the structure of China’s consumer population has also undergone a transformation, more consumers have the concept of advanced consumption theory相关的主题文章: