2020 cross-border electricity supplier retail sales will exceed 3 trillion and 600 billion annual av cibi

2020 cross-border retail transaction volume will exceed 3 trillion and 600 billion with an average annual increase of about 37% Research Institute president Gao Hongbing Ali? Phoenix Technology News News September 1st, Ali Institute released the "2016 cross-border electricity supplier development report", the report pointed out that by 2020, China cross-border transaction scale will reach 12 trillion yuan, accounting for about 37.6% of the total import and export China Chinese; cross-border retail electricity supplier turnover will exceed 3 trillion and 600 billion yuan, an average annual increase of about 37%, is expected in 2020 cross-border retail electricity supplier accounted for more than 30%. The report shows that in 2015, China’s cross-border electricity supplier growth was significantly higher than the total volume of imports and exports of goods trade growth, China’s import and export trade electricity supplier continued to grow. 2015, China’s cross-border electricity supplier (including wholesale and retail) transactions amounted to 4 trillion and 800 billion yuan, an increase of 28%, cross-border electricity supplier turnover accounted for China’s total import and export volume of 19.5%. Chart   1    China cross-border electricity supplier turnover, total import and export changes in 2015, China’s cross-border electricity supplier retail turnover reached 751 billion 200 million yuan, an increase of 69%. Among them, the cross-border electricity supplier retail sales of 503 billion 200 million yuan, an increase of 60%; cross-border electricity supplier retail imports of $248 billion, an increase of 92%. It is expected that by 2020, China’s cross-border electricity supplier retail transactions will be more than 3 trillion and 600 billion yuan, in the 2015-2020 range, an average annual increase of about $37%. According to estimates, 2020 cross-border retail electricity suppliers export volume will reach about 2 trillion and 160 billion yuan, an increase of 34%; 2020 cross-border retail electricity supplier imports about 1 trillion and 500 billion yuan, an average annual increase of about 43%. Figure   2    China cross-border electricity retail market size and the average annual growth rate in addition, Ali Institute of Alibaba based on cross-border e-commerce data (B2B, B2C export and export to import B2C, ECI index) program (E-Commerce Connectivity Index between China and Major Economies, Chinese and major economies of cross-border electricity connection index) in order to reflect, Chinese closely with other countries in terms of cross-border electricity trade connection degree. It is reported that the object of study for the group of twenty countries (G20), the EU does not include. Currently, the group of twenty (G20) trade accounted for 80% of the world, the trade volume between China and G20 countries accounted for more than 50% of China’s total import and export. Figure   3   G20 and other countries China cross-border electricity connection index research shows that in 2015, cross-border electricity supplier and G20 in other countries China connection index ranking: the United States, Britain, Australia, France, Italy, Japan, Canada, Germany, South Korea, Russia, India, Turkey, Brazil, South Africa, Mexico, Indonesia Argentina, Saudi arabia.相关的主题文章:

Female doctor cheated 70 thousand yuan crooks posing like accent Ph.D. – Sohu news hit5杨帆

Female doctor cheated 70 thousand yuan: crooks posing like accent Ph.D. – Sohu Beijing evening news August 30th news, "he even imitate the accent is very like, really is a big when!" Yesterday (August 29th) Mr. Han people talking to reporters, a strange thing, his girlfriend Ms. Zhang is a doctoral student, a few days ago, Ms. Zhang’s doctoral tutor suddenly phoned to "work" on the grounds of Ms. Zhang to borrow 70 thousand yuan, for the worship of mentor and trust, Ms. Zhang to gather 7 million loan the other, then found that the doctor is fake. For a few days, Mr. Han and Ms. Zhang in order to get back the money cheated really fine legs, in addition to the report, they are also looking for clues in private. Ms. Zhang told reporters that she was enrolled in Union Medical College, just entered school, her mentor in the Sino Japanese hospital. The time is in the evening of August 23rd, when she received a strange phone number, the other end of the phone came the voice of her mentor, the other said begins in August 24th, asked her to go to the hospital in Japan, teacher and students see a face. When Ms. Zhang questioned this is not the teacher left the phone, the other said his phone off, this is another number. "Later I made that call my supervisor left, really shut down, although this number is not my mentor’s number, but all he knows about my information, and voice including accent like." Ms. Zhang in second days for gospel truth, in accordance with the agreed time, rushed to the nearby hospital, and soon received a "mentor" telephone, said the other is outside talk business, need to give each other units of the "red envelope", but because the other units can not accept cash, so they need to transfer. "I don’t have any money now. You’ll have to change some money." In fact, when Ms. Zhang who did not what money, but for the "tutor" trust, borrowing, it collected 70 thousand dollars, and transferred to the "mentor" through the network platform, then the phone, found the phone has been shut down, Ms. Zhang suddenly felt something was wrong, may be cheated the. Ms. Zhang and her boyfriend Mr. Han learned from the aspects of the school after verification, Ms. Zhang true teacher knew nothing of the matter, he is currently the phone off, people are meeting abroad. To make money cheated, Ms. Zhang is more scared that this liar would know all her information, including school, tutor in the information. Ms. Zhang has been reported to the police, after inquiry, Ms. Zhang 70 thousand dollars, has been flowing to a bank account in Shenyang. Mr. Han said, his family is not very good, this 70 thousand dollars are borrowed, now go to school in Beijing not only have to wait even tuition, I am afraid that even the daily life will be affected.相关的主题文章:

[map] open city SUV Tibet Plateau keangkewei – Buick automobile Sohu clazziquai

[map] open city SUV Tibet Plateau keangkewei – Buick automobile Sohu first pages: DAY1: open city SUV Tibet [Sohu   car; car] Tibet, a desirable place, how many young artists in droves, like what was to try. As a part of me, naturally have this desire. But however trivial, busy work, the most important thing is the cause of the poor, all has not yet been formed. So when the editor told me the test drive of the trip, my mood is excited. But after the excitement, a trace of worry came to my mind. After all, keangkewei is just a city of SUV, and the road to Tibet known to insurance. Do not you see, dare not Tibet SLR, Prado, is the Wrangler, that are serious off-road vehicles! This trip, I can come back? So, if you can see this, it means I’m safe. This shows that Buick really can do keangkewei Tibet this difficult task. In this test, I also like you, for its performance, especially at an altitude of over 4000 meters of altitude on the performance of skeptical. But after 7 days of it and stay together morning and night after the journey, I was completely dispel concerns. Its power has withstood the test of thin air in the plateau, and the gearbox is very different from before. Of course, after all, you have to look down. (Editor: Tengfei)相关的主题文章:

How to avoid being a car pit You should pay attention to three – Sohu brock lesnar

How to avoid being a car pit? You should pay attention to three points – Sohu auto weekly hot list, for the election of the car is one of the most difficult part of the column, is the DearAuto exchange group to discuss the hottest issues list. The hottest TOP 1 Q:DearAuto Hello, recently to start FAW TOYOTA corolla, this is the dealer’s offer, can you help me take a look? A: as the saying goes, the information asymmetry earn money best, the users are estimated for the first time to buy a car, will be sold under closer scrutiny, the price is tricky. The price discount rate to specific businesses talk, but the service fees and insurance was 5000 yuan, while the card is fooled fee, there are 3000 yuan loan fee, insurance fee 6400 yuan. First the licensing fee, the administration regulations on new car costs include the cost of testing, the new car line extension, pay fees and photographic licence fees for car. The on-line detection costs generally around 100 yuan, 38 yuan, the extension of photography, vehicle license plate (reflective) 100 yuan, 15 yuan for the motor vehicle license, vehicle temporary registration certificate fee of 10 yuan, 5 yuan, with a temporary license plate vehicle licence fee 20 yuan, fees add up to a total of 300 yuan. As for the loan fee, the dealer will generally say that the money is to be received by the bank, and in fact is the 4S store in the collection. If you want to avoid their own fees to brush credit card is also OK, car loan interest rates are generally more than six percent points, but different bank rates are different. However, most manufacturers now have a year of financial interest free services, such as the loan of 50000 yuan, a year interest can save $3000, oh? Not with fees offset? The correct way is to borrow as much as possible. The total price of $one hundred thousand a year to 6400 yuan of insurance premiums, is certainly expensive, because there is no clear list of insurance, so can not be fully analyzed. It is noted that the loan to buy a car will be forced to buy pilfer, not forced to buy insurance. The hottest issue TOP 2 Q: no ESP is not safe? A:ESP is a bit like the nature of the airbag, the majority of owners have never used, but when you can use to help you save the situation. No ESP, in an emergency avoidance vehicle trajectory, easily out of control. In Europe and the United States, ESP has been forced to install the configuration. I personally recommend the election as far as possible to choose the car ESP. The heat TOP 3 Q: the Japanese car I am going to buy a not bad, Teana and Ralink recommend which? A: the space is spacious, or Tiida, and boot it. Open up, steering and chassis leiling is significantly better than that, but the Tiida was better than Linghao silent thunder. The quality of CVT, transmission efficiency low Tiida has been a problem. Lei Ling recently also complained that the gearbox failure. If you prefer to personalize, pay attention to driving, I prefer to choose Lei ling. If you just want to have a family car with no desire and no need!相关的主题文章:

The miracle Mu district for the first Olympic Games, bloody – people.com.cn game noiseware

The "miracle" MU district for the first Olympic Games, bloody – people.com.cn game original title: "the miracle MU" Olympic Games for the first Olympic Games, new battle ended, but the real war did not stop. Recently, the "miracle" open a new version of MU S11, and to celebrate the arrival of the new version also opened new "philia", you want to know the new version of the game player can go to the district to timely and accurate understanding of the content of the new version of the update. A lot of game player once said to me, the new opening that is quite timely, because they think the Olympic Games looks fun, then they are going to enter the game personally, ready to take the next few first to get yourself back when a game world champion. The first level, the "miracle" MU liver Wang Zheng leveling is a very hard thing in the "miracle" in MU, because the upgrade not only to the amount of time also needs a good personal experience, can upgrade the army in talent shows itself in the vast sea of humanity. Miracle MU, there are thousands of thousands of upgrades, but most in line with the only way to upgrade the speed. Each region of the highest level game player is spending a lot of time and energy to upgrade, only in the most appropriate time to switch their upgrade map, is the most outstanding upgrade game player each level the king apparently, they have done it, I believe you will do. Alive, ShouDeXia pinpointing the "miracle" in addition to MU leveling the king, and the king of battle. Only have confidence in the strength of the equipment are eligible to participate in the fighting game player king competition. Fighting not just look at the level of the game player, game player is the actual combat. They include equipment, BUFF and other factors of the bonus, so the combat power is a comprehensive consideration of the actual level of game player. The strongest Zhanmeng, I am in this area carry handle is to show you the charm of the game game player Zhanmeng moment, because only their own strong enough to be able to receive more of the charm of the game game player, the game player to retain more. A Zhanmeng is on everyone unite, but to become a large area of carry handle is pressed by many people, the absolute strength is more important. Now new and open, you can go to the new game player lofty ideals and high aspirations stretched out, once again hit their own piece of heaven and earth.   (commissioning editor: Shen Guangqian, Yang Bo)相关的主题文章:

138 yuan can eat a lobster package in the capital, not to the late – Sohu travel shuyue

138 yuan can eat lobster packages in the capital, late no Sohu as a tourist travel agent, I found the Miss Jen to teach you how to correctly open a good weekend in Beijing Style. A weekend of autumn, Jen helped me booked a suite in Beijing on this trip to the hotel Hotel Jen, and tell me candidly, this room is open: "Beijing Style a great weekend all the key!" What? Beijing East todaytrip Hotel Hotel Jen is now launched an exciting for travelers to explore the local accommodation packages — # # just say goodbye to boring, night of RMB 838 yuan, a rickshaw, feel the old Beijing local customs and practices, stroll when Ci Xi love Yandaixiejie, taste around Houhai bar in music. The hustle and bustle of the city of Beijing, do not feel like peace. At the same time, can also visit local residents together, talk about family, experience the most simple life of the people, listen to the old Beijing native accent. Sleep in the eastern city of Victoria, I too will play at the VIP Club Executive Suite, with 66 square meters of large space, the window is the East Fourth Ring Road, beautiful scenery, day and night, unforgettable scenery can have a panoramic view, special services but also can enjoy the VIP lounge. En suite bathrooms, supporting independent shower, use the L’OCCITANE full bath products, for this set of Bang Bang Da bath products, you deserve to be washed several times! The multimedia system has a more humane care, in addition to a personalized welcome screen, can also demand the latest Hollywood movies, with high fidelity audio system, that is the feeling of home theater is no exaggeration. 138 yuan to eat a lobster dinner, you eat or not? Speaking of eating, there are two excellent restaurants in Beijing on this trip to the hotel, restaurant and house are fragrant coffee restaurant. Every time I come to the house, always want to advance, why? Because his family’s two self-help packages can be said to be the city’s most cost-effective food packages, respectively, for the $98 dim sum buffet and $138 lobster packages. This time I chose to eat lobster packages, hooked! Then, heavy activity concentrated coffee restaurant is now in the sea launched big stomach king Chaoai buffet two people a free single. However, if you are a strong coffee, I suggest you try a Malay cuisine, because Western food from Malaysia, Penang, the Southeast Asian dishes produced authentic! I have ordered Laksa and fried, and this? I eat in Malaysia flavor completely consistent, can be said to ifheavier! Listen to the rickshaw McCain Hutong Culture finally, is also a key to open the Beijing Style for the weekend! Now # farewell guest # boring package, you can enjoy 1 hour rickshaw Hutong tour around Shichahai! To understand the Hutong rickshaw is very important. Because in the old Beijing alley, you will always meet them. Clank clank of copper rings, then people began to talk about "the old north.相关的主题文章:

With a bottle of eight mistakes – Sohu maternal and child yuanmu

After eight errors – bottle Sohu maternal baby was born, will slowly began to come into contact with bottles and pacifiers, treasure the mother rush to choose several good bottle to the baby, but you really can use? Bottles and pacifiers but the baby’s intimate buddy! Therefore, the selection and use of the bottle is really important! 1 see material: plastic bottles and glass bottles PK for newborn glass bottles, at home or in the hospital by adult feeding is the best, so the baby grow up enough to take a bottle, you can choose 2 plastic bottles to the bottle bottle see quality: good transparency, can clearly see the milk and the capacity of the state the bottle is best not too fancy. You want a good bottle of high hardness, treasure the mother hand pinch you can feel it, and a high temperature material will be too soft deformation. 3 see bottle capacity: the concrete analysis of concrete problems. With the lactation month baby 1 times about 100-120ml, the bottle needs at least 120ml capacity. The amount of breast-feeding. With more than one month baby 1 times should be 120-200ml, one day should be controlled at about 800-1000ml. * more than two months of the baby for bought a bottle of 240ml. The number of purchase. The bottle: a month before the baby feeding a day 6-8 times, at 2-6 months a day to feed 6 times, then reduced to 5 times, the number of turnover bottle tube enough on the line in October [1-2 extra emergency bacteria said it is necessary to prepare the bottle] 5 the right nipple: (1) tangled material: rubber nipple elastic texture, approximate the mother’s nipple. Silicone nipple no rubber smell, easy to accept the baby, and not easy to aging, heat resistance, corrosion resistance. (2) details: pass different uses different nipple hole trumpet (s): suitable for still can not control the amount of milk for newborns. Circular medium (m): suitable for 2-3 months, s baby sucking too long. The hole size (L): suitable for the above two kinds of nipple feeding time is too long, but the volume, weight of the baby. Suitable for more than 3 months of the child, the child sucking force according to the regulation of milk production, the larger flow; suitable for drink juice, Rice noodles or other coarse drinks, can also be used to suck. Y font hole: suitable for more than 3 months of children, milk flow is relatively stable, and Y word hole is not so easy to break. October [select the best bacteria said bottle to the regular store] 6 other notes: the number of months a smaller baby should choose smaller hole, if the milk hole is too large, may cause the child choking, the number of months old child sucking ability has been enhanced, you can choose some of the big bottle hole. In October, the bacteria said that the mother is not used on the bottle? ] a misunderstanding: the baby was born with a bottle baby will easily confuse the nipple and nipple, wait for the mother to go to work to learn, not!相关的主题文章:

U.S. National Security Agency hacking tools were exposed Snowden former colleagues arrested 81sese.com

The NSA hacking tools were exposed Snowden former colleagues arrested original title: U.S. National Security Bureau leaked Snowden arrested a former colleague cctv.com news: Recently, the U.S. National Security Bureau once again got into trouble. In mid August, a group of hackers in the online public auction of the U.S. national security agency network attack code, then the FBI arrested a U.S. National Security Agency contractor accused him of stealing top secret government information and government property. The suspect named Harold · Thomas · Martin III, aged 51, living in the United States of Maryland, is the U.S. National Security Agency contractor Booz Alan employees. Booz Alan to help build and operate the NSA most sensitive network operations, Snowden was also the company’s employees. According to a report No. 5 U.S. Department of justice Martin for the criminal indictment, Martin was arrested in August 27th at home, and found a copy of the text and digital document the U.S. government highly confidential documents, including 6 copies of sensitive information". The indictment says "this information is critical to a range of national security issues". Martin by the theft of government property and unauthorized removal or storage of highly confidential documents two charges, such as the crime, may be sentenced to imprisonment for 10 years. NSA cyber warfare hacking tool was exposed the indictment did not specify the specific documents involved in the case of Martin and the motive of the alleged theft of documents by Martin. However, a number of local media in the United States have pointed out in the report, Martin was arrested in fact related to the recent U.S. National Security Agency hacking tools leaked. About two weeks before Martin was arrested, some hacking tools used by the U.S. National Security Agency is claiming to be "the shadow broker group leaked to the Internet auction. Many experts believe that these hacking tools are real, designed to invade other countries’ computer networks. After the arrest of Martin, the indictment did not mention the relationship between him and the hacker organization, nor will he like Snowden was indicted on espionage charges. American officials are not willing to disclose the name of Martin said, not in line with the general definition of the so-called "ghost", it is unclear whether he like Snowden, a political motive. Snowden said he suspected that the United States and the shadow broker event and the Democratic National Committee are black upgrade linked to foreign intelligence than the attempt to attempt, may want to be responsible for Russia to circumstantial evidence. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章:

Xi Jinping most worried about a group of people – Sohu news 1256789

Xi Jinping most worried about a group of people – Sohu news early in the Northern Shaanxi Liang Jia river when the youth, Xi Jinping slept, carrying food, Tukang built biogas digesters…… The life in poor areas left a memory The imprint is engraved on my heart. to Xi Jinping, Xi Jinping also aroused strong feelings of poverty alleviation. 40 years, Xi Jinping has never stopped the pace of poverty. Since the party’s eighteen years, Xi Jinping, general secretary of more than 30 visits to all parts of the country, more than half of the issues involved in poverty alleviation and development. The general secretary of the scorching sun, braved the snow around the Chinese tramp over mountains and through ravines people, most in poor areas, and the villagers being long, at the same time, do not forget to give "out of poverty". At present, there are still about 50000000 poor population in China, 128 thousand poor villages, 832 key counties for national poverty alleviation and development work concentrated in poor areas contiguous counties. Poverty alleviation work has always been the heart of the general secretary". Party network micro platform with you to understand the past few years, the general secretary of the part of the poor footprint. December 2012 Hebei: no poor areas there is no comprehensive well-off, Xi Jinping built a well-off society located in the mountains came to the town of Longquanguan camel Bay Village, to the difficulties of the masses of the Tang Rongbin home to see Xi Jinping into the camel Bay Village poor people Tang Zongxiu Longquanguan Zhen (right) [] home condolences to visit the poverty diary on December 29, 2012 to 30, Xi Jinping came to Hebei Province in Fuping County visit condolences needy people, the poverty alleviation work study. Xi Jinping proposed that the building of a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way, the most arduous and onerous task in rural areas, especially in poor areas. There is no well-off society in rural areas, especially in poor areas. He encouraged the cadres and the masses "as long as there is confidence, loess into gold", he also proposed the 4 principles of poverty alleviation and development: local conditions, scientific planning and guidance, in the light of its general trend. Gansu, February 2013: identify ways of development and hard work of Xi Jinping in the county of Dongxiang Weiyuan County farm condolences Xi Jinping came to Tian Dingxi City Xiang Gu Dui village to see the difficulties of the masses, and the eight year old Ma Gang members understand cordial conversation, production and living conditions of poverty alleviation [] diary on February 2, 2013 to 5, Xi Jinping came to Gansu Jiuquan, Dingxi, Linxia and other places. Visit condolences to the cadres and masses of all ethnic groups. Dingxi, Linxia and other places there is the ancient "bitter barren armor in the world", is still destitute areas. He stressed that the party and the government attaches great importance to poverty alleviation and development work, especially attaches great importance to the development in minority areas, the villagers will give more support and help the villagers to carry forward the spirit of self-reliance, identify ways of development, hard work, to change the face of poverty. Hunan: November 2013 to be precise poverty, avoid shouting slogans in Xi Jinping row Bi Xiang Dong Village eighteen Village Cadres and villagers on Xi Jinping came to Huayuan County, eighteen poor households Shi Qiwen Xiangxi Dong Cun, Huayuan County, a careful understanding of the production and living conditions of poverty alleviation [diary] from November 3, 2013 to 5, Xi Jinping came to Hunan, Xiangxi and other places to visit Changsha. Wuling mountain area is our country one of the poverty-stricken areas. In Xiangxi, Xi Jinping said, the development is to get rid of相关的主题文章:

Child mother too careless, out of the way to the hospital baby crotch – Sohu mother card www.xici.net

Child mother too careless, the way to the hospital baby out card crotch – Sohu Shenzhen mother Ms. Wang second pregnancy, because it is the child, feel that they have a lot of experience, have been careless. One day, she felt a little pain in her stomach, but it didn’t take her seriously. After a few hours, she felt that something was wrong. The results arrived she felt unbearable pain, the hospital gate rupture of the amniotic fluid, feel the child slipped out. The doctor took the rescue rushed to the door when the box outpatient children found the whole body stuck in the crotch, body purple, throat and nose had mucus and amniotic fluid. Because the outpatient and inpatient ward had a distance, in order to gain time, doctors and nurses take temporary entrance in outpatient surgery, the doctor will use the box of baby suction tube for baby sucking mouth, amniotic fluid and secretions with the mouth, to help her breathing. Then the mother and daughter two people were transferred to the maternity ward was checked, but fortunately mother daughter peace. Many mothers pregnant with a second child feel that they have a first experience, come to, is not so care, especially the first pain for a long time before birth mother, but do not want to wait for admission so early, in fact this is a big misunderstanding. A child, a big difference and fetal primipara compared with maternal childbirth process faster and easier, from the onset of labor to cervical open, primipara average takes about 10 hours, the average maternal takes about 5-8 hours, even faster in the cervical open after the primipara average also need about 1 hours however, the maternal only about 20 minutes, the fetus can delivery. This is because the experience of the last delivery of the abdomen and uterine muscles are more relaxed, each labor time will be reduced, delivery time is greatly reduced. If you copy the first experience, in the face of the sudden arrival of the baby is very easy to be taken by surprise, many careless child mother like Ms. Wang as a child at home, in the park, a taxi waiting, like the plot of the drama. Outside the hospital in the production of maternal bleeding is very easy, child birth injury, the risk of infection is also greatly increased. Two, the second child should be more prudent in addition to the production process faster, a lot of child mother or maternal age, higher risk of premature delivery, the risk of pregnancy complications are more, so don’t be pregnant with a second child that I experienced most probably it did not actually happen seriously, must pay attention to it, once the lower abdomen pain, red, broken water etc. sign, go to the hospital immediately. Under normal circumstances, to stay in the hospital a week earlier than expected, if ready, can not be avoided or outside the hospital in the place of production accident, must immediately rushed to the hospital, on the way to hospital, try to keep the supine posture. Pictures from the network相关的主题文章:

Look at the U.S. presidential election TV debate the doorway you more optimistic – Sohu news jinshen

Look at the U.S. presidential election TV debate the doorway you more optimistic? Sohu news style of Hilary being held carefully too rational, Trump’s witticism may not work has always been to the presidential debate and policy issues, the new year is probably: Hilary interpretation of the policy, Trump make impromptu comic gestures and ramarks. French media even joked that Hilary is preparing a "Normandy landing", she is a "brain type" candidate, strong thinking, political experience, political correctness. On the contrary, Trump is good at moving against the traditional rhetoric of politicians tired of political correctness, despite the controversy, but the special sentence can always have some sympathy with some voters. Of course, two people also have their own shortcomings, if too much rational debate may show Hilary things, University of Missouri professor of political communication Mitchell? Mckinney pointed out that TV debate, nobody cares about which candidate is smart, how much knowledge or understanding of how much the number of words. TV viewers like to say a few words in a simple way to clarify their views. Hilary should avoid falling into technical details when answering questions. Trump may also Xiao baiyexiaohe, primary debate, Trump often tricks against opponents with his rude words interrupt each other’s speech. But Mckinney pointed out that Trump could not use the quips and tricks to fill up the time, he must talk about deep problems. U.S. media pointed out that to defeat Hilary, Trump must fight for the Republican moderates and independent voters swing, so the attack strategy is not work, he must show the rational side. Democrats hope that in the first debate trump will show a more reckless side, as he has shown in the primaries in the debate. Details see table by the time Bush refers to the impatient, Nixon sick poor state influence in addition to the content of the debate, the details are very important, including the case of emergency, body language and image. Diao Daming pointed out that if the details of the error, even if the perfect reply will be greatly reduced. Review of so many years of debate, people remember the most is not how great this domestic and foreign ideas in the debate on who, but debate mistakes and attract the attention of the plot.相关的主题文章:

National Tourism Seminar held in Harbin – Travel Channel ca1816

National Tourism Seminar held in Harbin, the travel channel in Harbin in August 25, people.com.cn today, National Tourism Seminar held in Harbin city in Heilongjiang province. National Tourism Bureau Director Li Jinzao for this year is "13th Five-Year" China’s tourism industry development at the beginning of the year, the next step is to promote global tourism pilot work and tourism planning, the implementation of "13th Five-Year" toilet revolution construction, tourism poverty alleviation war, tourism supply side structural reform, the order of the tourism market, tourism diplomacy etc. work to make specific arrangements, put forward specific requirements. Du Jiang, deputy director of the National Tourism Administration, Li Shihong,, attended the meeting on behalf of the president, and the president of the board of directors of the State Administration of tourism, and so on. In the first half of this year, domestic tourism continues to maintain rapid growth, inbound tourism to accelerate the recovery, tourism investment continued to grow rapidly. The number of domestic tourists 2 billion 236 million passengers, an increase of 10.47%; domestic tourism revenue 1 trillion and 880 billion yuan, an increase of 13.72%; the number of inbound tourists 67 million 870 thousand passengers, an increase of 3.8%, of which the number of foreigners in China reached 13 million 470 thousand passengers, an increase of 9%; international tourism revenue of $57 billion, an increase of 5.3%, of which the foreigners in China $31 billion, an increase of 6.9%; exit the number of tourists 59 million 30 thousand passengers, an increase of 4.3%. In the first half of this year, the actual completion of the National Tourism Investment 421 billion 150 million yuan, representing an increase of 30.5% over the same period last year: active private investment, investment of $241 billion 280 million in the first half, accounting for the actual total investment of 57.3%. Li Jinzao said, "13th Five-Year" tourism development momentum will be more rapid, Party committees and governments at all levels and the masses of the people on the development of tourism is more urgent and look forward to, the strategic position of tourism industry is more prominent, China’s tourism industry more strong influence on the world tourism. In the second half of this year, the overall situation of China’s tourism industry is favorable, but the tourism industry is facing a lot of uncertainties in the macroeconomic environment is still uncertain, the downward pressure on the economy may travel to the consumer side. Faced with such a situation, we must enhance the sense of urgency and responsibility, enhance the overall awareness, sense of responsibility, play a sense of. To focus on the development of the concept of the five, starting from the era of mass tourism, grasp the characteristics and laws of global tourism, force from the supply side reform, accelerate the reform, innovation and development of the tourism industry. Li Jinzao requirements, the second half, the tourism industry in accordance with the CPC Central Committee and the State Council’s decision to deploy, the full implementation of the five development ideas, to promote the development of the national tourism industry to a higher level. The tourism industry to promote the development of global tourism; earnestly implementing the development plan in 13th Five-Year, "national tourism industry; actively cultivate new energy for tourism development; promote the toilet revolution construction, improve the quality of tourism public services; tourism started a comprehensive poverty alleviation campaign; continue to deepen the tourism supply side structural reform; vigorously regulate the tourism market order, to promote cultural tourism; tourism exchanges in Hong Kong and Macao perfect development system; actively expand tourism diplomacy, increase marketing efforts. The seminar, delegates are to co-ordinate all forces, creating a new situation of global tourism; vigorously develop rural tourism, promote tourism and enriching tourism);相关的主题文章:

The Great Wall animation net profit fell 3651% is experiencing a personnel shake — people.com www.70qq.cn

The Great Wall animation net profit fell 3651%  is experiencing a personnel shake — people.com.cn game original title: the Great Wall animation net profit fell 3651% main board high school less airborne coking industry downturn, the Great Wall animation of the first half of 2016 net profit of heavy losses, the key transformation soon when the board of directors to dump 2 "airborne", whether 700 million yuan restructuring will be renewable trouble? The Great Wall animation transformation soon net profit fell 3651% in the evening of August 28th, the Great Wall animation released in 2016 reported in the first half the company achieved operating income of 177 million yuan, an increase of 1.57%; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of -9464.79 million yuan, down 3651.09%. The coking industry downturn, the Great Wall animation of the first half of 2016 net profit of heavy losses, the key moment transformation soon, the board of directors to dump 2 "airborne", whether the 700 million yuan restructuring will be renewable trouble? The Great Wall animation transformation soon net profit fell 3651% in the evening of August 28th, the Great Wall animation released in 2016 reported in the first half the company achieved operating income of 177 million yuan, an increase of 1.57%; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of -9464.79 million yuan, down 3651.09%. In this regard, the company said, in recent years the coking industry in "three major difficulties, dwindling market environmental pressure increased sharply, the liquidity shortage of coking enterprises tremendous pressure. Under this background, Shengda coking sustained heavy losses, year 2015 and 2016 -5 in January were losses of 39 million 830 thousand and 500 yuan and 116 million yuan, the adverse impact on the performance of listed companies. At present, 600 thousand tons of coke production line’s production and its subsidiary Shengda coking system has stopped production. As of 2016 August, the company has passed the Zhejiang property rights exchange held by public listing ways to sell 99.8% stake in the company Shengda coking. At the same time, the Great Wall animation confidence, said to enter the animation industry, "the success of model reference of foreign mature animation enterprises, through mergers and acquisitions and subsequent business integration to create a complete animation industry chain ecosystem with IP as the core, in order to achieve the" virtual reality animation image + Entertainment experience "interworking online and offline operation mode." The evening of June 29th, the the Great Wall animation release restructuring plan, intends to spend $708 million acquisition of the spirit of science and technology and the world’s two mini animation industry chain company, to build IP as the core of the ecological chain. After the program released, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued two letter of inquiry, the Great Wall animation description of many problems. Whether the 700 million yuan restructuring will be renewable trouble? On the other hand, according to the the Great Wall insiders, the company is experiencing a personnel shake. August 18th, the Great Wall animation announcement, said Shen Xijie, vice chairman of the company, general manager and director Pan Xianyun resigned for personal reasons. Announcements, Shen Besigye resigned from the application of the company as vice chairman, director, member of the strategic investment committee and the general manager duties, after the resignation of the company will no longer hold)相关的主题文章: