Part of the road to broaden the transformation of Jin Yu Feng LAN interchange to the direction of Li-cancam

Part of the golden section of the road to expand the transformation of LAN Feng overpass to the direction of Lijia, Please divert social vehicles route map. The police for map today (20) days, reporters from the Chongqing Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic and Patrol Police Corps, LAN Feng Jinyu Road interchange to OCT Happy Valley section of widening project will be implemented in November 22nd 0, time about 7 months. In order to ensure the safety and smooth traffic during the construction period, the construction will be closed in the vicinity of the peak of the mountain overpass Jinshan right turn to Lijia ramp. Specific traffic restrictions: 1, LAN Feng closed Jinshan Avenue and turn right to the direction of Lijia overpass ramp; 2, LAN Feng Jinyu Road interchange to OCT Happy Valley occupies the right lane, Jinyu road to two-way 5 lanes. The traffic diversion line: the original Jinshan Avenue by LAN Feng overpass right turn ramps to the direction of Lijia traffic diversion: Jinshan Avenue – Jialian road – Ring Road – Li Li Ji Road – Road – Ring Road – Ka Li Jia Rong Lu, Lijia children’s Hospital turntable.相关的主题文章: