Phoenix watch horse exercise Hong Kong Special Warfare units for CQB combat drills roxane hayward

Phoenix watch horse exercise: Hong Kong Special Warfare units for CQB battle drills are military pistol shooting (photo: Zhang Tiannan) on November 22nd, being held in Malaysia "peace and friendship – 2016" joint military drill in Malaysia according to plan, in the people’s Liberation Army troops stationed in Hongkong special warfare units for indoor combat shooting drills. The drill ground, the garrison commandos aboard the assault vehicle fast approaching the target area, then get off in two columns to simulate the real hidden close to. A player using a shotgun broke, throwing the bomb blast into the cover of the team. The 1 assault group first killed the living room 2 violent terrorist elements, occupy a favorable position, control of indoor channel, room 1 assault. 1 in the room while the mob and civilians of the two types of targets, and the distance is very close, special combat players quickly identify the nature of the target, decisive shot, hit the chest shot 2 thugs, the head of the gun 1. After the special operations group of the alternate cover, into the No. 2, No. 3 and No. 4 room. Kill all the thugs. Completed into the after part of the team to strengthen foreign vigilance, clean up the room after the rest of the team, the commandos to cover each other, rapid evacuation. Reporters at the scene learned that the indoor combat shooting drills, simulation room in each room has a set of 1 to 2 hidden target, target display time is only 1 seconds, and civilian targets and target mob hybrid commandos, must be in a second rapid target identification and complete the precise shot quickly. In this connection, the reporter interviewed the Chinese Participating military unit vice captain, the PLA troops stationed in Hongkong special warfare brigade commander Pan Feng. Pan Feng, this is a kind of indoor shooting close combat fighting, it has a short distance, the process of fighting fierce battle, characteristics of the narrow space, because of the fighting distance is short, when setting a goal set of implicit and explicit goal of 1 seconds, 1 seconds is the struggle between the two sides of the reaction. If these 1 seconds we can not implement effective identification of the shooting, it is likely to be hit by local staff. The indoor space is narrow, two players when implementing close range attacks, two people were very tight, after a player to shoot with the former players on the shoulder, a bullet flew over the ears, which is needed to reach the absolute safety training process is very hard. In the following several days of joint military drill in Malaysia in military forces will be mixed into the joint training of indoor combat shooting and jungle survival, jungle tracking and other subjects, between the horse troops mixed into the smallest team combat unit. Live video interview: v.ifeng mil arms 0102d02f-3d1c-4510-bf75-960a9c82fcb6.shtml link 201611 Phoenix Deng Lingli over Malaysia Selangor reports相关的主题文章: