Ping China advocates confidence in the world

Ping: China advocates to bring confidence to the world economy – Sohu News Asia Pacific to inject new impetus to the world economic recovery, the world economy to open up a new path of growth. While pursuing its own development, China will actively promote the common development of the Asian Pacific countries and create more opportunities for the people of this region". President Xi Jinping keynote speech delivered at the APEC meeting of the leaders of the industry and commerce, in view of the world economic development of the world’s major issues of concern, elaborated the Chinese advocate, causing a strong reaction. Over the past year, the world’s economic development is weak, lack of growth momentum, trade, investment and other areas of sluggish performance. With Britain’s European and American election events, protectionism quietly on the rise "anti globalization" undercurrent, uncertainties in the global economic environment has greatly increased, the global economic community filled with anxious mood. In this context, what China is saying, what China can do for the world economy to get out of trouble, has become the focus of attention of the Lima meeting. "As the world’s largest economy and the most vigorous development of the Asia Pacific region, to play a leading role, to take effective coordinated action to inject new impetus to the recovery of the world economy, opening a new way for the growth of the world economy". President Xi Jinping delivered a clear message to the world to express a strong sense of confidence. Indeed, the whole world noted that since the beginning of this year, although Chinese economic growth slowed down, but still in a reasonable range and stable operation, still maintained a growth rate of 6%-7%, continue to promote the upgrading of economic transition, the new growth point of innovation in various fields appear constantly, make Chinese economic vitality, houjinshizu. Internationally renowned scholars believe that this year, China will continue to provide as much as 39% of the world’s economic growth in the world’s major economies, which, of course, is amazing. The world looks at the Asia Pacific, Asia Pacific to see China, China as an important role in the world’s economic engine, really placed in front of the world. "To promote economic integration, construction of open economy" and "to promote interoperability, to achieve joint development" and "to promote reform and innovation, enhance endogenous power" and "to promote win-win cooperation, deepen the partnership", President Xi Jinping put forward in his speech that, in order to solve the present when economic growth is facing a problem and provides a clear direction feasible attitude highlights the protectionism China is willing to work with the Asia Pacific partners to jointly safeguard global free trade system, oppose any form of the. Listen carefully to the Chinese leaders witnessed Chinese proposed "The Belt and Road" initiative, as well as the positive role of China advocacy initiatives such as the establishment of Asian investment bank is playing out of the heart, "Chinese advocates" interconnection and win-win cooperation sincerity, all China do in the world economic arena, will win more and more applause. A year ago at the APEC conference in Beijing, President Xi Jinping to promote the Asia Pacific Free Trade Zone to build the process, so that the Asia Pacific region countries and regions to see the sustainable development of China’s economic opportunities". A year later, Lima, China advocates once again let the world feel the possibility of breaking through the bottleneck of economic growth, which will undoubtedly enhance the confidence of the world. (Guo Ping)相关的主题文章: