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Home-Schooling Practicing using a Model Question Paper usually reduces the probability of students lamenting such as- I wish I had a few more minutes to .plete my exam, I never expected questions like these to .e in the exam, I could not revise my answers and therefore missed out on a few points and many more time management related issues. Model question papers and ten year papers have always been in vogue for students preparing for various school, college and .petitive examinations. Practicing with the help of a Model Question Paper is usually the final step in the preparation leading up to an exam for most students. However, many students still may not have discovered the real benefits of using Model Question Papers. So let me list down a few advantages of practicing through Model Question Papers. The first and most important advantage of practicing through Model question paper is that it helps students be.e familiar with the overall examination pattern . A student can rightfully feel better equipped to handle the examination on the whole if he/she can pre-empt the nature of questions in the question paper. A Model Question Paper also helps students evaluate themselves on a lot of parameters. Students can judge themselves on accuracy in answering questions, their speed and their ability to allocate time to different questions and also across various sections. Self-evaluation is important especially for students appearing for .petitive exams. With soaring .petition levels, students appearing in these .petitive exams cannot afford to lose precious marks to carelessness. And practicing with the help of Model Question Papers helps curb such errors. Model Question Papers also help students draft a customized exam strategy for themselves. After attempting a few Model Question Papers, a student can easily identify important keywords and learn to structure his/her answers accordingly. With an appropriate examination strategy in place, odds are in the favor of the student to perform well. Practicing through Model Question Papers helps students beat examination stress and boosts their confidence . In spite of preparing well, some students may continue to feel nervous about their examination preparation levels. Continuous practice through Model Question Papers helps to build confidence and in the process works to over.e examination related stress. With varying levels of difficulty, Model Question Papers are available for almost all types of examinations. Choose a Model Question Paper for yourself and start practicing from today for better results. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: